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Yesterday's Love: Interview with Boutique Owner Erica Jenae

Today I want to introduce you all to a very special person to me. My cousin Erica Jenae. I have known her my whole life and we have always been into fashion. So it's no coincidence that we both own online clothing stores. I have always said if I ever had to pick one person in this world who I could trust with selecting items for my shoppe it would be Erica. She is a 25 year old college graduate who lives in Detroit, Michigan. She has designed clothing for fashion shows and is a true fashion addict. But, today we are here to talk about her store called Yesterday's Love. I always see the cutest items on the website but when she posted this blouse.. I could not resist. I immediately bought it.

Here I am with it on. The colors did it for me! Here is how I wore the blouse

Faux Leather Pleated Skirt (Forever 21), Suede Sling backs Sam Edelman, Chunky gold necklace (eBay)

I just want to put it out there that I LOOOOOVE this blouse, it arrived very quick and was reasonably priced. Even the packaging was uber cute!!

I wanted to give her some exposure regarding her store and give you all a little more insight about her... So what did I do? You got it I put together a few questions and gave her an interview.. check out it...

AT: What inspired you to start a store?
EJ: I've always wanted to own my own vintage boutique, until I can afford it, selling online is my best bet, plus online stores get more exposure

AT: Why did you name it Yesterday's Love?
EJ: I believe all Vintage apparel is precious, its a significant part of historic cultures. I consider vintage apparel a gift from the past/yesterday, I wanted the word incorporated in the day it just hit me so that's how the name originated

AT: What is your fashion style?
EJ: My style is all over the place. I would consider my style a mixture of the 60' s (oh how I love the 60's) 70's, 80's, Moroccan, boho-chic, little rocker, hipster and anything that screams fabulousness

AT: What type of items do you offer?
EJ: Strictly vintage apparel and accessories

AT: How long have you loved fashion?
EJ: I've always had a thing for clothing, if u ask my mom she will tell you when I was a toddler I would come in anyone's home and strip my clothes off just to put some right back on......I have always loved changing my clothes

AT: What is the most interesting/favorite fashion piece you own?
EJ: I have a small suitcase full of silk scarves my grandmother gave to me......I will never give those up their priceless

AT: How long have you been running the store?
EJ: A little under a year

AT: What can we expect see from Yesterday's Love in the next year?
EJ: A lot more items and hopefully tutorials on how to alter your vintage finds and make them even more original

AT: What is the price range for your items?
EJ:  $6-$50

AT: What sets aside Yesterday's Love from other vintage stores?
EJ: I try to hand pick items I don't see a lot in other stores, and I think how the store is presented.

I mean, if you look at the girl's Instagram (EricaJenae) you can see her style is dope as hell.Here is just one look of many I absolutely adore...

It's no wonder her store offers super cute items.. here are just a few of many items hand picked by Erica herself and are currently for sale!

To purchase these items and many more visit Erica's store and follow the sores Instagram at Yesterdays_love this way you can keep an up to date status on items as soon as they are added. I support this business 10000% ( not just because she is my cousin lol) SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT folks!!

Making my dreams come true,

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