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When Opportunity Calls..

I had given this guy my phone number. I had no idea when he was going to call. One afternoon after I had gotten off work, I was on the phone with one of my crazy friends and she was going on and on and on about some of everything (okay... relationship problems). Now as you all know I don't have these issues.. I don't condone nor believe in them. However, as always (80% okay okay 50% of the time) I was listening. Aside from me thinking about what I was about to do with my life now that I was off, I would chime in and hear something funny and laugh.. (PS: this is NOT YOU JAIME.. I listen to you lol). My phone alerted me that I had an incoming call. It was Him! Everything went silent. I'm thinking OMG! YIKES! Let me answer! Immediately I tune back into my conversation to cut it off.. *blah blah blah* "the hell?"... "Love, hold on"... *blah blah blah blah blah*, "Hey!"... *blah blah blah*.. "HEY BITCH!!!!... I will call you back!!!" DAMN!

*clicks over* *puts on sweet voice*...Hello?

*he speaks* "When opportunity calls don't let it ring more than once..."

Immediately I caught the emoji heart eyes and bust out laughing. That was by far the cutest/ quirkiest phrase I have heard from a guy this year.

Making my dreams come true,

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