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The Nineties Girl: Your guide to the trend.

Happy Saturday Dolls! If you are thinking about doing some shopping today and have no idea what you want to buy, take a few minutes to read today's post.. I may be able to give you some direction.

Earlier this week I was laying on the couch being a complete bum flicking through channels. Some how I landed on MTV2 to find the hit 90s sitcom Saved By The Bell was on. I was between surfing the net and listening to the television when I looked up and immediately noticed the fashion of the characters. I was like, how dope are they?! Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie were wearing high waist jeans, overalls, sneakers, peplum tops, eclectic prints, and acid wash. I couldn't stop watching... not for the show but for the fashion. I am a huge fan of vintage apparel everything back to the sixties. But as of late I am utterly infatuated with the nineties. I dig the whole mix and match grungy look. Apparently the whole world is obsessed with the now vintage style.. I see 90s fashion being rocked by celebrities and everyday people... here is what I mean

One thing about fashion is that it repeats its self... this look is effortless and fly. Crazy thing is you may already have many items in your fashion pallet to rock this look. If not here is a quick guide of staple pieces you must own to achieve this updated look.

I think the Dr. Marten 1460 boot is a timeless piece to own. They go with virtually anything. They can be dressed up or worn casually. Floral prints are a true staple piece of the 90s trend and leggings. This pair from Forever 21 are a combo of both. EVERY person in the 90s owned a flannel/ plaid shirt. It's a must have for this trend, make sure it's over sized to layer with other shirts or simply wrap it around your waist. Basic cropped tees are always a wonderful fashion piece to own. They look dope with high waist skirt and jeans. Every 90s girl owned a wild print body con dress. I see them everywhere now.. this one from Go Jane is bright and colorful. It can be worn with the Doc's or a fly pair of pointy pumps. One sure fire piece you should own (even if you're not dressing for the 90s) is a good solid jean jacket. It is a MUST HAVE staple piece for every girl. Perfect  timeless layering item (I can't stress it enough). Part of the 90s trend was the infamous 5 panel hat. I saw them.. a lot. Don't limit yourself to this style hat, look for bowler, fedora, and floppy hats too. In my opinion a cross necklace is a signature piece for the grunge 90s look! I love this layered one. Last but definitely not least is the high waist acid jean. High waist anything will help you follow suite for the 90s style but a pair of acid washes!?!? *Emoji heart eyes* I bought this same pair of jeans months ago and I adore them! I always get compliments every time I wear them out.

1. Dr. Martens 1460 Boot- Urban Outfitters
2. Baroque Floral Leggings- Forever 21
3. Multi-Color Plaid Shirt- Forever 21
4. Short sleeve boxy cropped t-shirt- River Island
5. Moroccan V-Neck Dress- Go Jane
6. Denim Western Jacket- ASOS
7. Coal 5 Panel Hat - Urban Outfitters
8. Layered Cross Necklace- Forever 21
9. High Waist Acid Jeans - Urban Outfitters

Other tips
If you need inspiration watch TV shows and movies- Pretty Woman, Clueless, Sister Sister, Saved By the Bell, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air are great starts. Also watch stars and celebrities. A perfect example of people currently wearing 90s fashion is Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. I love their style!

DENIM DENIM DENIM- You can't go wrong with denim. Look for denim blouses, skirts, vests, hand bags mix and match it and wear it together!

Tights- Sheer, fish net, lace, opaque. you decide

Eclectic Prints- One thing about people in the 90s they gave no damns about how a print was. They wore all types of colors and patterns. You can too... look for wild print bottoms, tops, and accessories.
Graphic Tees-Look for vintage graphic print shirts.. especially ones with rock bands.

Step into the world of thrifting- Even though I provided you with links the best (and cheapest way) to obtain most of these looks is by scouting out thrift and vintage shops near you. They have TONS of items that can help you complete this look

Don't be afraid to be an individual.- The best thing about 90s fashion is there is no wrong way to do it.. as long as you are comfortable. Mix and match prints, wear heels with boyish clothes. Who cares what people think! Dare to be different.

Also my shoppe has an ENTIRE section dedicated to 90s fashion. Check it out..

Making my dreams come true,

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