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Sweet On The Eyes.. Literally!

Although I am now considered a "blogger" I still find myself browsing and keeping a daily feed of fashion blogs I love to read. One of my favorite is this site IS the truth!! Almost everyday they find a celebrity and dissect his/her fashion selection and give you links to purchase. As you know most celebrities wear stupid high end fashion so when FBD says "click here to buy" I see a price tag of 1200.00 for a shoe string.. I'm like pssssh! However, it's nice to look at and get looks for less inspiration for my own personal fashion. Anyway, I was browsing at a few days I missed and they posted a picture of my imaginary boo (did I type that??) Rihanna wearing this..

The post was talking about her at the Barbados’s Foreday Morning Jam. The focus was on her shades. I can't lie I was terrified to click "here" on FBD thinking the shades were going to be 500.00.. to my surprise (and relief)  they were purchased from an Etsy store called Sweet On The Eyes for 50.00!!! I don't know what amazes me more the fact that RiRi ALWAYS rocks the weirdest/ dopest pieces or the fact that Fashion Bomb Daily pin pointed where these spectacles came from. In all honesty I think the shades are cute but they didn't "rock my socks" as one of my friends say. But being a fashion addict I like to see where things originate from and learn more about the designer. As soon as I clicked on the website link I got the Emoji Heart Eyes. Sweet On the Eyes has some really dope fashion sunglasses! Like seriously. Check out some of these babies!
The Sophia

The Queen

The Jacqui A

*pictures courtesy of Etsy and* 
 HOW DOPE ARE THESE SPECS!?!?!? They are hand made and embellished the hell OUT! My stomach is fluttering just looking at them. They all are either 50.00 or 60.00. I absolutely love this style. I have got to get my hands on a pair of these.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of shades from Sweet On The Eyes click HERE to visit their Etsy Shop. What do you think about these shades? Which is your favorite pair? Mine is hands down "The Sofia". Also if you're a fashion addict be sure to check out for your daily fix! Also, to view the article this blog was inspired by click HERE

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