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Say Hello To 1991 Inc Clothing

*Yawns and stretches* Aaaah Monday morning. It's a fresh week, so to kick it off I figured I would introduce you all to a fresh website..and I mean that literally and non literally.
I'm not into following celebs and famous people on Instagram (aside from Beyonce' and Rihanna). However, I do "check in".. okay stalk from time to time a few of them. I like to see what clothing they are wearing or just to be nosey in general (don't act like you don't do it). One of them happens to be the lovely Amber Rose. Aside from posting the cutest pics of "Bash" and her love Wiz, she posts dope fashion she is wearing or things that are gifted to her. This day in particular she posted this..

The first thing I noticed where the pearls, of course I clicked on the name that had been tagged and learned of the brand 1991Inc. The brand features the craziest shirts and sweatshirts I've ever seen. They are images of real life photographs copied onto the fabric. I'm not sure what this method is called but it's very realistic and dope as hell. They feature the craziest things, like Kim K crying, blood splatter, Justine Bieber fighting the paps, gummy bears, cannabis plants, and french fries to name a few. Here are a few of my favorites from the brand

oh and let's not forget..


If you are looking to turn heads and make a statement THIS is the way to go. The unisex brand (hey, some guys wear leggings I guess) offers sweatshirts, tanks, tees, leggings, and one pieces. The shirts are made to order so they do have a month processing period. The prices range from 45.00-99.00. The say they "will ship to any country on the planet" and offer free shipping when you spend 150.00 or more with a permanent promo code of "FREESHIP". Standard shipping is $7.00 everywhere for any purchase.

One of my best friends asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I think a few sweatshirts from this line would be perfect to unwrap and pretend I didn't know I was getting it! lol. I must have a few of these pieces!! They can keep the one-pieces tho. If you are interested in purchasing from this site visit today.

What do you think of this brand?

Making my dreams come true,


  1. I don’t usually bother taking the time to complain about these kind of things, but felt in this case the service I received was so bad that it was worth warning other potential customers. I ordered a number of products from 1991Inc which I paid for using an online bank transfer. It took approximately 4 months to receive the products I ordered, and when I did, one of the three things I had ordered and paid for was missing from the package with no explanation. I haven’t received a product or refund at this stage. I would highly recommend buying products from other services, like Beloved, they have the same range, send the products to you within a few weeks rather than several months, and you actually RECEIVE the products you pay for. If you’re not in the US you will probably have to pay some postage, but this is worth it I guess if you actually want the product… Anyway hope this helps.

    1. That is absolutely absurd that it would take that long for you to receive a package. I notice they say it takes a while to process but that is plain robbery. I will definitely look into Beloved. Thank you for the insight Mike


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