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Photo Album: Art Walk 8/7/2013

Every first Wednesday of the month here in Downtown Jacksonville Florida we have an event called Art Walk. I have mentioned before that I love to do this because it really doesn't feel like I live in the same ole blah blah city. It gives me a chance to one see art and two mingle with people of all cultures and races. Something free and different is right up my alley. It seems as if it rains every month during this time so I haven't been in a few of them.. I'm going to just be honest, me and rain... DON'T mix lol. This past Wednesday the weather was beautiful so I decided to step out and enjoy a little piece of the city for the evening. Of course I snapped a few pictures of things I saw along the way..

Jai says she wanted to hug the church.. o_O

Little boy blue :)

Pimpin ain't easy

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and are interested and attending Art Walk check out their website at for details.

Making my dreams come true,

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