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Photo Album: Sunday Funday On The River

If you are a human being I think you should be familiar with the term Sunday Funday. These days are sacred "Sundays" in which I like to indulge in different things. Everything from booze, to live music at the beach, to cookout with friends. The possibilities are endless. This past Sunday was a little different for me. My good friend Odd?Rod invite me and another mutual friend of ours Princess out to the Ichetucknee Springs Wildlife Park in Fort White, Florida. Let me pause this really quick and be honest with you all by saying the ONLY reason I know what city this place is located in is because I just now goggled it. Truth is, I went to the movies the previous night and was up until 2 am. Our trip was scheduled to leave at 630 am. Needless to say Rod AND Princess had both been out partying as well and we didn't leave until 830 am *inserts "Negroes" here*. After grabbing breakfast (which ended up being McDonald's, Rod tried us with the gas station) I immediately fell asleep, I woke up to the store in which we rented the equipment from. So he could have taken me to Mr Raper man's house and I would have not known... BUT luckily I hang around non shady people lol (JK).. *presses play* Anyway, I had heard of "going to the river" several times before from Rod I really had no idea about the treat I was in for. I was told to only bring a bathing suit, water shoes, towels, and whatever other swimming equipment I wanted to bring.

The term "floating on the river": is exactly what it sounds like, we rented tube floats and we did just that... floated down the river. With my two piece I dove into the icy water.. okay well I tried to glide in on my float and I fell in.. lol. But I eventually was able to get on my float and the journey began. The current flows South so that is where everyone went. There were hundreds of people out there relaxing laughing and enjoying the cool water and sun. We were swimming with the fish.. and I mean that literally... mullet were jumping out the entire time.. that scared the hell out of me but nonetheless I enjoyed it all. The entire float took about three hours and it all seemed to go by too fast. Afterward we had lunch and laughs. Before I knew it we were in the car and on the way home. Again, I don't know how to get home from there.. between the sun and food I was pooped. I fell out and woke up pulling into my neighborhood.. Princess as well. (Poor Rod) Some people think partying and drinking is the only way to have fun... but sometimes just floating along with the water and sun is a time in itself. I love my life and the people in it.

Here are pics of my awesome day.. My hair was rough as HELL! Don't judge my naps lol


Someone quit praying for Princess, her float started deflated. But we got that thing back up and running. Won't he do it!? lol

IDK why I was looking like that.. lol

Making my dreams come true,


  1. I want take my kids there the guys at my job go there all the time it looks like fun

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. SO MUCH FUN! I'm going to take my son the next trip :)


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