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My First Look At River Island & A Wish List

I can honestly say I feel like a cheating wife right now. You all know how obsessed I am with Urban Outfitters right? Well it just seems that all these new sites are being tossed my way and I have to admit they are very tempting. I can't resist all this UK fashion. For a while now I have been aware of the brand River Island. Just to give you all little history, it is a London high street fashion brand that was established in 1948 by entrepreneur Bernard Lewis and his brothers. After a few changes in was called "River Island" in 1988 and has since been referred to that. Bernard Lewis is pretty much in charge of the brand. The guy has dope style. Their items are uber chic and oh so trendy. Just like with Topshop, I have never thoroughly examined the website. So what did I do?.. I don't think I have to answer it. But in case you all haven't figured me out by now.. I went through their ENTIRE inventory! (the hell you thought?) Now, please note I saw a lot more items, however they were almost sold out as far as sizes were concerned so it was really no point in wishing for the shit. lol. Here are my favorite picks based on availability..

Can I just say I love this dress! I like the length and the fact the shoulders have cut out slits. So sexy yet classy. This graphic blouse is EVERYTHING to me.. the fact that is has Mary on it just makes my eyes get hearts. I can def see this as being a part of my fall wardrobe. I can't front and say I am in love with the Rihanna for river Island collection..I love her.. okay I'm obsessed with her.. I mean her style (LOL). But her collection.. no. However there are a few pieces that catch my eye.. this trucker cap is one of them. I LOVE faux leather/ leather anything.. mostly. I think the jewels make this bad ass accessory chic as hell. I made a personal promise to myself I would go easy on the graphic/worded tee shirts unless it was highly offensive, dope, or was hella catchy. This "BROKE but still shopping" shirt is the story of my life.. lol. Judge me. I am obsessed with bucket bags right now. I think I want one in every color.. this tassel one it just too cute to me. I have a little confession, I absolutely despise white and cream shoes/heels (not including sneaks).. I don't know why it's just one of those things. However, this cut out boot is uber fly to me. I can't even begin to tell you all what came to mind when I saw these.. but they must be had. PERFECT fall shoe.

In summary, this website is a little pricey but they have wonderful staple pieces to add to your collection. Staple pieces can be mixed and matched several different ways, so you end up getting your money's worth. Even though it's more on the high end, the site has a wide selection of items that are marked down year round, so take advantage of that. Also, they offer free shipping on orders over 35.00. With the way they are priced it's def not hard to do. Things go QUICK... moral of the story with this website if you see something you want grab it because chances are it will be gone. So if it is something you truly want.. just suck it up and get it instead of waiting for it to be marked down. You may be stuck with the "stuck on stupid face".

Oh yeah, I love this website but Urban Outfitters still has my heart, Topshop is my sideline. I will just step out from time to time. lol Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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