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Yay or Hell Naw: Keith Haring Reebok Freestyle Sneaks

So. I've been trying to mend my relationship with Urban Outfitters. As you all know that is my online website wife. I have been stepping out with all these UK chicks (websites) and kinda have been abandoning UO. I was browsing and catching up on merchandise when I came across these....

Priced at 125.00 a pair of Keith Haring Freestyle Reebok High-Top Sneakers. I absolutely LOVE most things Keith Haring. Even though most of his work was done in the 80s it is still very much relevant today. Urban Outfitters keeps a constant limited supply of tees, sweatshirts, and other items from the Keith Haring line. So it's no surprise these shoes are on there.

 The first thing I saw were the fact that they were black and pink, literally. I clicked on the picture thinking they came in two colors and to my surprise that is how the shoes come... black and pink. I was like.. wait, what!? Maaaan.. I will say like the designs on the shoe. I am all for going out on a limb and trying something different. But there is a thin line between different and tacky. I am wondering what you all think of these? Yay or Hell Naw.. vote below( if you can't see the poll just leave a comment). Honestly, I could pull them off.. I would totally go for an 80s look. I'm talking bamboo earrings and all. However, they would have to be gifted to me LOL. I just don't see me dropping 125.00 on these. They just don't do it for me like that..  I placed them in my wish list online anyway just because (I do stuff like that). But still... I would have to go with HELL NAW. Would you rock them? If so.. how?

Leave some comments below!.. I am really curious to know how you feel.

To purchase these kicks click HERE

Also if you want to feel enlightened as to who Keith Haring is click HERE (don't say I never educated you *inserts smile*)

Making my dreams come true,

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