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Just Kick It: Urban Outfitters Wishlist

Sometimes you just don't feel like getting dressed up. I mean, how does one dress when you are just running to the grocery store or hanging out at the bowling alley but still look "chic"? Here is my wish list for just kicking it.. and notice it's from Urban Outfitters *big cheese*.. ooooh honey I'm Home!! lol

Now, I said this is MY version of kicking.. I hope you all didn't expect t shirts and jeans? Naw.. you can have on lazy gear and still be fly ha!.

This "love me always" necklace is everything to me. I already own the "amour" one however the site also has a "jetaime" and "ciao Bella" one as well. The necklace is VERY small and perfect to wear alone or with other necklaces. I am slowly gravitating towards smaller jewelry so this necklace is PERFECT for me. I really do love this necklace (I've worn it everyday since I got it) at a current sale of 4.99 you can have all three. I remember saying a while ago I was done with graphic tees unless they were highly extraordinary or completely offensive.. this shirt says "mother fucker" how much more offensive can a shirt be? A girl can never have too many denim jackets, I have been looking for one of this style for a while now.. that was of quality. BDG is one of my favorite brands from UO so this jacket will fit well into my jean jacket collection.. perfect for layering with other tees and it's not too heavy for the upcoming fall season. When winter comes, don't sweat it throw it under your favorite leather jacket for a boyish look. At 70.00 it is definitely a staple piece you will have for years to come. Yep, it's a fanny pack. I don't know about you all but sometimes I dislike carrying a purse, especially when I'm out and about running errands. I'm just being real. At the same time, a hand bag is necessary, for me anyway. Fanny packs are a thing of the past no more. I love the colors of this one.. I'll rock it. If you have been following this blog you should know by now that I am addicted to all leather bottoms.. I don't care if it's shorts, a skirt, and sock.. I'm with it. I LOVE these jogger pants. They can definitely be toned down with sneaks or dressed up with heels. I am a huge fan of New Balance.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these one color ones. They come in grey, red, pink, and purple. If I wasn't on shopping restriction they would have been ordered like.. yesterday. Don't worry about it when my shopping limit is replenished they will be had. What better way to "kick it" then in a pair of sneaks?? To be honest I would probably pair all these items together with the exception of the graphic tee for a different look.. Or pair the graphic tee with the pants, necklace, and jacket. You have a few combos to work with here.. but hey, that's just me.

Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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