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I've been "MissGuided".. To A New Website

Just when I think I'm done cheating on Urban Outfitters, another UK site is thrown my way. I follow another blog and the girl who runs it, Becca always talks about getting her clothing from a UK site called Missguided. Today I finally clicked a link and the first thing the website asked was "where you at".. and asked me to choose the country I lived in. Immediately I knew I liked this site. They have a LOT of inventory offering, clothing, shoes, and accessories. But, fashion junkie me (who had time on my hands) reviewed the entire site. Here is a list of some things that I want to add to my collection..

This dress is uber chic and uber cheap at 13.00 why not snag it for a basic look? I love chains so this waist belt speaks to me! Everyone can stand to own a pair of wild print trousers these would be a lovely addition to a wardrobe. It can be worn during the up coming fall months with a nice tshirt layered with a solid blazer and then worn again during the warm months with a bandeau top and heels. I am determined to own as many leather/ faux leather bottoms to my collection as possible. I already have a knee length leather pencil skirt but I LOVE this midi length one. Virign Mary is surfacing her way to all kinds of fashion as of late.. these leggings are dope and are perfect for a chill mode look. Again, I love anything leather/ faux leather I am so into solid color cropped tees.. this one it a combo of both! I am addicted to anything black and white.. I am obsessed with the print of this blouse. I love floral prints.. this jacket is another transition piece. It can be worn during the fall with a tee shirt, point pumps, statement necklace, and blazer. Then it can be worn with a nice pair of shorts and platforms during the warmer months. SWAG.. is something I am told that I have. I don't know why but I LOVE this top, lol. I plan on snagging this first.. I have plans for it. Just wait and see. :)

Overall this site is a great one to find different items. They currently offer free shipping on all US and Canada orders and 16.00 for express shipping. They have thousands of items to choose from and I mean that literally. Visit today!

Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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