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It's That Time Again.. Vintage Jewelry Box Auction!!!!!!!!!

As you all know by now I run an online boutique Doll Shoppe ( Every week I set out on a journey to find rare pieces to sell to you all. This week I came across this..

As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect to sell on the shoppe's site. However, being that it was so unique I knew al ot of people would want it. So, instead of setting a price and allowing one person the chance to snatch it and run off into the sunset. I decided to make it fun and hold the store's second auction.

The first auction was a vintage YSL scarf..
it ended up selling for 62.00! A total STEAL.. okay!? Some lucky doll in New York fought several other bidders for this scarf, and I do mean a all out bidding war fight. My phone's notification were blowing up the last 5 minutes of the auction. Needless to say she was very happy with the purchase. YAY!!! So here's your chance to own this fabulous and rare find.. It is handmade and made completely of mahogany wood.. the measurements are as follows.  Length: 10 inches Width: 6 inches and the depth is 2 inches. It is about the size of a child's pencil/ crayon box (you know the holder that you had in elementary school) but a little bigger.. more pictures are available in the auction listing.

Starting price 15.00! The auction is scheduled to start at 12am (Eastern time) 9PM (central) TONIGHT. Just like last time the auction is for one week (Ending 8/24/13). Who ever is the highest bidder wins. Shipping is fast and free. Plain and simple... Good Luck and Happy Bidding!


Aside from this haute item you can find several other trendy new, used, and vintage items on Doll Shoppe.. right now until next Saturday there is a 30% discount on ANY item when you use the code "Back2School". What are you waiting for? Visit the today!

Making my dreams come true,

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