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From Men To Mini

 Tribal print cloth shoulder bag (Target), Oversized J Crew men's t shirt (thrifted), Cargo jacket J. crew (thrifted), Low cut cowboy boots (thrifted)

A few days ago I was looking at this bag I've had for over a year and thought it would be interesting with my cargo jacket. I knew I wanted to wear a grey "shirt dress". I saw one at Target (I LOVE Target) for 20.00. I figured I would get creative (and frugal) so decided to hit the thrift store first. I found an extra large men's shirt for 1.15! It looked really box on my body so I added a tan waist belt I already had. I kept the accessories at a minimum by only wearing a watch, a few bangles, and stud earrings. The boots were just because I guess.

Making my dreams come true,

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