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Divas Do Diva Things: Interview With Tirerri, Owner of The Diva's Den Boutique

Happy Saturday Dolls! I'm sure a lot of you have shopping planned for today.. well, if you didn't after reading this you may have the urge.. I apologize in advance for doing this to you :)

A few years ago I went to an event where my mother was a vendor (She sells natural body butter click HERE to find out more) and met her friend Tirerri she was also a vendor at the event. The first thing I remember about Tirerri was her divaish attitude (in a good way) and the AMAZING pieces she had on display. Coincidentally the name of her store is The Diva's Den..  If I recall i think I made a purchase that day. From that day forward I knew if I wanted to find an unique statement piece she would be my go to. I have even used her pieces for my styling work.. every time I have I received TONS of compliments on the items. Almost a year or so ago I wore this OOTN and donned this necklace from T.D.D
My instagram went CRAZY asking me where I got this necklace from.. well ladies wonder no more. I took the time to interview Ms. Tirerri to give you all more insight about who is really behind The Diva's Den...

From day one Tirerri has had an eye for beauty and a thirst for entrepreneurship. Whether having a successful career as a cosmetologist or a stylist, she has a keen sense of exquisiteness that makes heads turn and ponder where did she get that from …So the birth of The Diva’s Den was only natural. Tirerri ‘s charming personality is reflected in each one of her unique pieces that instantly draws people in with their rich texture and vivid colors. Her passion for beauty is displayed in her expression of style.

AT: What is The Divas Den?
TDD: The Diva’s Den is like no other online boutique. If you are in search of exclusive, non-traditional, elegant pieces of jewelry and other fine accessories then search no further

AT: How long have you been in the jewelry business?
TDD: T.D.D. was birthed May 2011

AT: What inspired you to start doing it?
TDD: People would always compliment me on my accessories and ask where did I get my pieces from and that is what inspired me to start my business.

AT: What Made you choose the name Diva's Den?
TDD: The name T.D.D. was divinely inspired. I woke up one morning with that name on my mind and I researched and found that the web address and the business name were both available and I knew immediately that it was meant to be.

AT:What type of items do you offer?
TDD: We specialize in women's accessories: hats, scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and belts, but we have ventured into men's and children's accessories as well.

AT: What pieces are you known to have? (what are you known for)
TDD: We are known for carrying fashionable but not so trendy accessories. Our pieces will carry you from the board room to the boom boom room!

AT: Whats your price range?
TDD:  Priced affordably necklace and earring sets range from $25 to $45

AT: What was your top moment as a jewelry seller/ store?
TDD: My top moment was when I was vending at an event earlier this year. My table was swarmed! I had to send someone to my house to bring additional pieces. My inventory was almost completely sold out!

AT: Do you do private parties/ events?
TDD: Yes, we do in home private parties and we vend at events.

AT: What sets Divas Den apart from other jewelry stores?
TDD: I strive hard to find unique pieces. I try not to carry a lot of the same thing, so my customers don't have to worry about seeing tons of other people with their same pieces.

AT: Where do you see this business going? What does the future hold for Divas Den?
TDD: The possibilities for T.D.D. is endless! I dream BIG! I see T.D.D. franchises all across the world!

I can hold up my right hand and testify that The Diva's Den really does have dope pieces. When everyone else was doing the lion head necklaces Tirreri offered the complete opposite. Here are a few examples of what TDD has to offer... (click the pictures to be linked to the site to purchase)

Unfortunately the necklace that I wore as my OOTN is sold out.. I mean come on? Did you expect it to last? lol. However, she has tons of beautiful pieces for you to grab. You read what she said, she generally does not keep many of the same items in stock.. so if you see something you like SNATCH it fast, before another divas rocks it for you. If you are interested in purchasing the items shown and many more, visit today. You can also contact Tirerri via the site to set up your personal jewelry party or for questions in general. She is very down to earth so ladies don't be afraid to contact her and SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!

Making my dreams come true,

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