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Happy Sunday All! Today I wanted to but um, idk inspiring

I have an eleven year old son. I know *pats hair* it's hard to believe, I get it all the time. lol. But no. He has always been into sports but this year he has decided he wants his athletic ability a step further and finally decided play tackle football. Now, I have never been "that parent" who feels because I have a son he HAS to be an athlete. You will never hear me say "yeah child, my baby gone make me rich" lol.. I have always given him the choice to do what he wants when it comes to his extra curricular activities. It just so happens they include sports..

Hmm let's see I've been a soccer mom, tee ball/softball/baseball mom, karate mom, flag football mom, and basketball mom. So now he decides he wants to play tackle football.. so what does that mean? You got it *puts on football mom hat*. My son is very athletic and competitive,so I guess he felt he would walk on the field and be star quarterback. Nah. I told him football will be like nothing he has ever done before. It is not going to be an easy road because for one he is a little older and has no experience. I told him a lot of those other children have been playing since they were 5 or younger and are BEASTS. He said he understood, but I don't think he took me serious. He has been practicing for the last two weeks. Little buddy has been limping and sore daily. Hell, it has taken a toll on my life since he started.. I am SICK of these people/ coaches at the park, up until Friday I have seen them everyday.. okay, everyday! I can't lie I love it.

Anyway, this week they worked on collision tactics. For the first time ever my son was laid clean out.. this is something every football player experiences at some point of his life/career. When my son and the other little boy collided his father and I both looked at each other and said "sssssssssss!" LOL!! That evening he came home silent and when I asked him what was wrong he burst into tears of anger and defeat. He went on to say he was embarrassed. After I asked him did he not see the 10 other kids that were laid out before him.. I gave him a few words of advice. When I finished he gave me the "yeah mom, okay" look. But I think what I said stuck with him. After I gave him the words I realised that I can apply them to my own life. I posted it on Facebook and got such a positive review I decided I would share it with you all...

"Yesterday my son come home crying about practice because he was "embarrassed" he got laid out (lol).. I told him falling (in his case laid out) is nothing to be embarrassed about, it is all about how you get up, recover, and improve your tactics. Go harder and get stronger so the next time a player comes at you, lay them out.

Same thing with life. Don't cry about your falls/ fails just get up, recover, improve your tactics. Go harder and get stronger so the next time an issue comes your way lay it the FUCK out."

I really don't have anything else to say.. But I will say I think we are going to have a great season :)

Making my dreams come true,

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