Fashion Blogger... or Whatever

You Like Me... or Nah?

First of all who started this "or nah" crap?!?.. people say it all day now. You eat good or nah?.. Your girlfriend look like this or nah?.. You got these shoes or nah?... Do you want to stop asking all these irrelevant questions or nah?!?!?.. Geesh.

Anyway, I want to give the blog a shout out.. it's beginning to buzz and gain momentum. I started with ZERO "likes" on Facebook and this week I hit my first 100! 104 to be exact... Yay! Someone out there likes what I talk about and I very much appreciate it. It's hard out here because for one NO ONE utilizes Facebook like that anymore so to even get 10 "likes" is a lot these days. Anyway *throws confetti*.. If you follow the blog via Facebook thank you.. If you do like it and want to follow click HERE.

For all of you who are subscribed and read the blog daily I want to especially tell you...

Yes, I write about things from my point of view.. but in reality it's about YOU the reader. I try to keep things interesting, personal, and easy to relate to. How am I doing with this blogging stuff? Do you like the topics I cover? What more do you want to read about? Leave me comments below.

Making my dreams come true,

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