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Where Are The Wild Things? On Your Clothes of Course!!

I think it's safe to say Ed Hardy started an epidemic with the whole tiger on the tee shirt fashion stuff. Someone decided to crank the sweet little fierce tiger up a notch and put all type of real life offensive crazy ass animals on clothing. I absolutely LOVE IT. I've seen everything from foaming mouth rottweilers to planet of the apes gorillas. It's bold, it's mean, it's fashion. Here are a few pictures I found browsing the web of celebs and chic chicks rocking their animal fashion.

I think you all catch my drift. I may be mistaken but Givenchy brought the fierce animal look out in 2011 gracing tee shirts for men and women. They range about 275.00 a pop. Yea. Luckily for us common folk (or me anyway) fashion greatness is always contemplated and duplicated lol. I see the look everywhere! Anyway, I searched the web and found a few items that are uber chic and to die for all reasonably priced.

1. Dog Bite Sweatshirt- River Island
2. Wolf Pack Body Suit- Go Jane
3. The Exclusive Wild Cat Tee- Karmaloop
4. Shark Bite Tee-Forever 21
5. Lattice One-Piece Swimsuit- Urban Outfitters
6. Lion's Roar Muscle Tee- Forever 21

I follow a super dope fashion blog called she did a post wearing the dog bite print in a girl version. I just started following the blog a few weeks ago and was so sad to see the dress was sold out on River Island's website *pouts*. However they do have a sweatshirt and muscle tee version *happy face* Perfect for the upcoming fall months. Leather baseball cap, skinny jeans and neon single heels would make this look boyish chic. I am in love with all over print tees and clothing. This body suit is colorful and can be worn dress fow or up. At 18.00 on Karmaloop why not buy this dope shirt. I can definitely see this being worn with some leather pants single heels and chunky necklace. Perfect for a night out. This shirt is simple cheap and cute.. but speak volumes I love the colors of the shark. Confession I have been watching this swimsuit for MONTHS now. It was 160.00 and is now on sale for 79.99. My prayers have been answered!! Not only is the print amazing the back part of it intrigues me. Who doesn't love spikes and black and white. This shirt from forever 21 offers both and is oh so chic.  

I would have to say my favorite is the dog bite sweat shirt. Which is yours?

Making my dreams come true,

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