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Top Picks: My 1st Topshop Wish List

For a while now I have been obsessed with the British retailer Topshop and can honestly say I have never purchased anything directly from their website. I took the time out and went through their ENTIRE inventory and have learned that I just may have found a runner up to my Urban Outfitters addiction. That is saying A LOT. Because you all know how I feel about my UO. They have uber chic clothing that you just don't see everyday. Topshop is the UK's version of Forever21. It's just a wee bit more expensive and waaaaay better in quality. After perusing everything here are the top 9 things I instantly fell in love with. Why not start the week off with a fresh website to browse??

Let me just say this motel graphic print body suit is my FAVORITE on this list. I Love the color and the print is just dope! Every needs to own basic tee shirts and bottoms. They are perfect for "I don't know what I want to wear days and can be glammed up or dressed down. I'm in love with acid wash runner shorts and for just 20.00 this would be a perfect addition to my collection. Wait, I lied.. THESE wide leg pants are my favorite on this list. Paired up with a flowy cami and a chunky necklace.. this would make the perfect chic look. The African trousers are too cute.. I love the colors and the fact they can be dressed down (hint: the cropped) tee or can be dressed up with a neon chiffon button down and heels. OMG I may have lied again this bag is also my favorite on the list lol. I love duffel bags and even though it's a little pricey (170.00) it is definitely a go to staple bag that can be worn any season. Remember what I said about basic top and bottoms here is an example of a awesome bottom. How cute is this skirt? It could be paired with a uber cute graphic tee or hint hint the basic graphic top on this list. The bracelet it uber uber uber chic! I LOVE the spikes and color. I absolutely and positively adore this make your own necklace. It actually comes with the letters of the alphabet so you can change the words to anything you want. You name, nickname, "bitch" (if your feeling that way that day), love.. whatever you decide :)

In my opinion this brand is the chic version of Urban Outfitters so I think this is my new fav when it comes to that side of me. Have you ever purchased from Topshop? Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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