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Top Of The Morning: My First Topshop Package Has Arrived!!

A few weeks ago I did a wish list on the UK brand Topshop. A few days before I ordered two of the items which were on sale. Let me explain to you I am VERY happy with my purchase. However, it did take a few weeks to get here. But, I did a free shipping option so I'm assuming they put it on the turtle express. I will never do that again, especially if it is something I want in a timely fashion. Nonetheless here are my package contents!..

The bag is TOO CUTE.. It actually looks like a little shopping bag.

I ordered a grey cropped tshirt and bright orange swing skirt. I was a little worried because it appeared small when it came out of the package. As soon as I tried it on it fit perfect and was uber cute! The material is wonderful quality and the skirt is person is sooo vibrant. I love this! The total was 17.50 (because of a promo) and I had a promo code (that is now expired) that allowed me to received free shipping. I can't wait to wear this look together.
Both of these items are still for sale online
You can purchase the shirt by clicking HERE
You can Purchase the skirt by clicking HERE
For less than 20.00 I can honestly say I had a great "test run" with this site. I will be ordering tons of more items from this brand! I seriously think they are my second runner up to Urban Outfitters. They are also running another free shipping worldwide promotion. Go to and start shopping today!
Making my dreams come true,

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