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Started With a Blowout... Now Im Here (DIY Dry Flat Twist Out)

This past Saturday I was to attend a wedding and I already knew how I wanted to wear my hair. I wanted it big, stretched, and curly. I decided to try a dry flat twist out for the second time, because I have tried this styled before and I'm not sure if was the products I used or what... but it was a DISASTER. *sad face*.. But this time.. I fell in LOVE with my natural hair all over again...
Here are quick steps to what I did.
I washed and deep conditioned my hair with my Crème Of Nature With Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in conditioner. You can use any product you want but ALWAYS make sure you condition and apply some type of leave in conditioner to your hair. ESPECIALLY for this look and you will see why shortly.  Here are the items I used to achieve this style..
All products with the exception of the ECO Styler gel are the Creme of Nature With Argan Oil line * listed clockwise starting with largest bottle*
  1. Oil Moisturizer
  2. Oil Treatment
  3. 100% Pure Argan Oil
  4. ECO Styler Gel
  5. Perfect 7 Leave-in Treatment Spray 
  6. Rat Tail Comb  
  7. Perfect Edges Gel
  8. Ouch less bands (don't judge them they have been through some things lol)
  9. Large paddle brush
  10. Satin Cap (Not pictured)

 The first thing I did was part my hair into 4 sections and applied the oil treatment to my hair. It serves as a heat protectant which is very important when it comes to the health of your tresses. The previous conditioning I did to my hair served as additional heat protection. I Blow dried each section straight and kept it secure with the ouch less band while the other sections were done.
Next, I parted my hair how I wanted it to lay.. I did this in three sections you can chose to do it how you want. I took out a section (from the ouch less band) and parted a straight line vertically in my hair about 1.5 inch wide and  I applied the daily moisturizer, perfect 7 spray, and a very small amount of eco styler gel and combed it through with the bristle brush. I flat twisted my hair, once I got to the end I combed it just to eliminate any frizz and completed the twist. The neater you are able to do the better the result will be. I repeated the step all over until each section was done.
Next, you wait.. I was in a rush so my hair only set for 4 hours I also set under the dryer for 25 mins to ensure it was dry enough. I recommend you allow the twists to set over night for best results. Coat your hands with the 100% Argan oil and take down each twist with care. I say this literally rushing can cause waves to be destroyed and frizz. Once all the twists are out, fluff it and style it however you wish, apply the perfect edge gel to your edges to smooth them down.

I'm special.. o_O! lol

Even with being rushed I absolutely LOVED the results.. I received many compliments. My hair was full of body and even though the waves were firm, my hair was soft to the touch. The cool thing about this style is that you can repeat it every night (no need to blow dry it again though.. however the more straight the hair starts of the more stretched it will be.)

Making my dreams come true,

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