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I usually don't do two blogs in a day but I was just informed of some things that deemed it necessary.

Some months ago a met a sort of timid and gorgeous model on a photo shoot. She came in with her mother and brother and was very quiet. I was like omg she is too cute.. honey, when she put on the make up and got behind the camera a totally different person came out. Baby was GORGEOUS and no longer shy. Here are some of her pictures..

Her name is Miranda Brown and she is a 19 year old aspiring model. Anyway I come to you all today with a favor. She has entered a contest to become "model of the month" for a local magazine (coincidentally) called D.R.E.A.M. (Delivering Real Entertainment & Arts Magazine) . If you are trying to hustle any dream you know proper exposure AND support can make or break it. I want everyone to click ------->>>> HERE <<<<----- and simply "like" this picture. I try help out anyone I can. Her mother and her a re really down to earth good people. All you have to do is like her picture. The model with the most votes  is featured in the local magazine. The contest ends TONIGHT (7/11/13) at 12am. If you are reading this and have a Facebook account click the above link or this picture below and "like" it.

Hello, I'm Miranda Brown. I'm 19 Years Old. Born And Raised In Jacksonville Fl. Modeling Is Not What I Do, IT'S WHO I AM. Each Day I Wake Up And Thank God For Another Day Then I Work My Hardest To Make It To The Top. Some See Me As Just A Pretty Face I Disagree I'm Hard Working And Determined.
I See My Self As A Inspiration To Young Girls Every Were. It Don't Matter Your Weight Or Height You Are Beautiful.!

That's right people even if you haven't sign on in a year I give no damn.. help a young person achieve their goals in any way you can. :) Also "like" D.R.E.A.M's fan page and learn more about the magazine/ movement by clicking --->>>HERE<<<----

Making my dreams come true,

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