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Pretty and Pink

This past weekend I snuck out of town with a friend for a night. Sunday on the way home we were at a house and I saw the most gorgeous Hibiscus bush. FYI: Hibiscus are my favorite flowers. Turns out this bush was a violent bright pink. Guess what? So where my jeans! lol.. I decided to take a picture with it... I'm a dork I know. Thus I give you my OOTD. I found the tee shirt and jeans for under 20.00 at my local Target. Gosh I love that place.

Tee shirt 10.00 (can't remember the brand)// Bright pink jeans: Mossimo 8.00 (on clearance)// Chunky silver necklace: forever 21// Sneakers: Converse

Making my dreams come true,

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