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Look for Less: Kim K's YSL Necklace

The lovely Kim Kardashian. Let's just say she has a.. well, interesting sense of fashion that has developed over the last year since she has been dating you know who. In all honesty, sometimes I like what she wears sometimes I just don't. But that's here nor there. lol Today I want to talk about a very interesting piece she donned during the 2013 MTV Movie awards

This is a GORG necklace!! Turns out it's from YSL and is called "The Opium Tassel Necklace" and is 1,250.00. That's right one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. WOWZERS. Anyway, I did a little browsing and found a few uber cute substitutions for less than 1% of the cost of this fab necklace.

 1. INC Diamond Crystal Tassel Necklace $34.50- Macy's
2.  Vintage Faux Pearl Tassel Necklace $12.00- Doll Shoppe
3. Lucky Brand Silver Tone Tassel Pendant $35.00- Macy's

There you have it 3 alternative less expensive options. A gold, earl, and silver choice. The One from Doll Shoppe is my store and only one is available. I ALMOST kept this necklace for myself but I decided to be nice and sell it. Hurry and snag it before it's too late.

Here is Kim Spotted sporting her necklace. I mean, yes she's clearly pregnant wearing it... but you get it. lol. It can give you ideas on how you can rock your own necklace. You're welcome :)

Do you like this necklace? Would you pay 1200.00 for it?

Making my dreams come true,

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