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Its a Photo Shoot: My Interview With Photographer Stephanie Candice

From time to time I come across people when it comes to the field of fashion.. photographers,  make-up artists, models. Styling goes hand in hand with all of these categories. I've known Stephanie for a while and totally forgot (don't beat me) she was a photographer until one day she asked me about my website and who takes the pictures. I told her I did and she offered to have a shoot with me for my store. I'm always open to new opportunities so I obliged. Here is some of her work.

I enjoyed her spirit and her work was amazing. I took the time out to find out more about her, her background, and her career as a photographer.

Born in Jacksonville, FL. My favorite color is blue, I love horror movies, my favorite season is winter, I fail at snowboarding, I like to bake and I'm addicted to reality shows. SHE LOVES CATS! She loves to travel all over and prefers to travel by car. It gives her the opportunity to see and explore more along the way. Mother of one. When  she is not busy her lovely around, she spends time with fiance, Philip. She and Philip have been dating for 2 years now, and got engaged in the summer of 2012.

AT: What inspired you to start photography? 

SC: In the beginning, it was art that inspired me. Depth, colors, emotions... all of those could be captured in a photograph and mean so many different things depending on how you looked at it. It made me think about all of the different scenarios and items I could photograph and how it could tell so many different stories.

AT:  How long have you been doing it?

SC:I took my first photography class in high school when I was in the 10th grade. That would have been back in 1998. So 15 years ago. After that I just always carried a camera around with me wherever I went. My friends and I would go on these Friday night escapades through San Marco or downtown Jax and I would take pictures of random things. We made a simple 10 minute right on the monorail memorable!

AT: What's the biggest project you have worked on? 

SC: I had a girl planning a wedding for August of 2012. She booked me in may of 2011. Through the whole year I met up with her, went over different poses, lists, ideas and colors. We did couples pictures and then boudoir pictures for her before the wedding. Then, we put all of the pictures in a giant book to display on her big day. I felt like she was a non-stop client for a whole year! Her wedding was amazing and it was so much fun photographing her friends and family.

AT:  What do you enjoy most about being a photographer/ photography? 

SC: Editing! I love editing! I love making people's pictures stand out and look bright and beautiful. I use Light room 4 and Photoshop CS6 to edit. I buy and download an abundance of different actions, presets, textures, overlays and brushes so I can ensure I have every tool necessary for every different session type.

AT:  how would you describe your style?

SC: Right now, I would probably desrcibe my style as "artsy". With all of the editing options available, I am able to make each picture look different. I like to add a sun flare to the grassy field where children are running, and a grungy texture to the backdrop that sits behind the model wearing leather. Every session allows me to experiment with different techniques.

AT: Where do you see your business going/ where do you want it to be? 

SC: I am hoping within the next 5 years to have some sort of studio that will be readily available for any type of session that needs to take place. I am constantly learning and buying new equipment, so I would love for all of it to be put to use and have a business that people can highly recommend to their friends and family.

AT: Who or what inspires you when it comes to your work? 

SC: Annie Leibovitz is an inspiration to me. The way she takes a picture and turns it into a work of art is amazing! Her work has presents such bold colors and almost seems magical. 

AT: Whats the best part of being a photographer? 

SC: The best part is when you give client's their finished product, and they tell you how beautiful they look and how happy they are. The second best is hearing compliment's from other people, like their friends and family on how great they look.

AT: How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh?

SC: I keep myself motivated by looking at other people's photography. I sit at night and scroll through my Facebook feed looking at all of the different pictures that were edited and posted by other photographer's and think; "how can I make my pictures look like that?". That's when I start getting my own ideas and I get creative. I start searching for new textures, styles and overlays and I will create my own type of image. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

AT:  If you had one wish...

SC: My ONE wish would definitely to be able to focus on photography full time! Not have to work a day job... just wake up, shoot, and edit until I fall asleep. I could do it all day....

Here are a few of Stephanie's favorite pictures. SOOOOO beautiful!!

If you are looking for someone to capture your special moments.. of if you need to build a modeling portfolio. THIS is the person you need to call. To view more of her work/contact can visit Stephanie's facebook page.. or contact her via email SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!!

Making my dreams come true,

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