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One of my favorite movies was the epic 1994 film by Quentin Tarantino entitle Pulp Fiction. Wacky crazy movie and is a classic. One quote that always stuck with me from the movie was when Uma Thurman who betrayed the roll of Mia ask Vincent (John Trovolta)
"In conversation do you listen or do you wait to talk?"

Most people's answer to this question is they are waiting to talk. When I'm having a conversation with a person there is nothing more annoying than being cut off by the person I'm speaking with for them to tell me something that is completely irrelevant to the conversation or their point of view without me finishing. I too used to be this way and I fight hard not do it anymore. Having a conversation with a person really means listening to what they say as well as speak our thoughts. It's okay to shut the fuck up sometimes and listen instead of waiting for your turn to talk. :)

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