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HERE YE!! HERE YE!.. I Annouce Our First Auction!

Happy Friday All!
I'm very excited about today's post.. As you all know I run an online store called Doll Shoppe. It specializes in trendy new, used, and vintage items at an affordable price. I come across all kinds of dope items but this one I just could not believe...

Here you have an authentic 100% silk YSL paisley print multi color scarf. That's right a Yves Saint Laurent Scarf! I had two issues when I found this. First, do I keep it for myself. Two if I did sell it how much for?. Luckily for you all I decided NOT to keep it for myself lol. I decided to hold an auction instead. It's fun and it gives everyone a chance to receive this item. At 12 Midnight Eastern (9PM central) tonight the scarf will go on sale starting price 20.00. I mean we are talking about a 200.00 scarf starting off at 20.00!! I think I may have lost my mind. The auction will end 12 midnight  Eastern (9PM Central) July 27, 2013.
This is being done via Ebay so you will need an eBay account Click----> HERE <----- for bidding! Good Luck!!

Making my dreams come true,

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