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I woke up this morning feeling sessy sessy and decided to open up to you all a little on a personal level..

About 6 weeks ago I was weighed and pretty much told I was 15 pounds overweight. This really distraught me because anyone who truly knows me knows I am peculiar about my weight. I have been avid about eating healthy and working out for years. I was the girl in boot camp 3 days a week, doing Jillian Michaels work out DVDS,  and going hard in zumba class. The last year I must admit I have been entirely lazy and haven't been doing jack. I have been eating what I want and rarely to never working out. Hell, I have to admit it's easier to just be fat. But the way I like to dress/look, I just can't allow myself to do that.

People started noticing how "thick" I began to get.. *pause* Okay I know I have a big butt.. okay!? but it had really began to get bigger lol. *play*.  You all are probably looking at me with the side eye right now so I will go on to say I have never been "fat" but looking at pictures I can see how my body has changed over time. I have gotten heavier over the last two years. Also, I have not "felt" physically comfortable, so my weigh in gave me confirmation of my feelings.
June 2 years ago

September 2012...

 March 2013..  

May 2013.. YIKES!

That very day I decided I would start a 30 day challenge and literally went running... that day. I immediately changed the way I ate. I cut out pork and beef (Although I will still eat an occasional steak), started indulging in more fruits/veggies, I still eat carbs but light (meaning little) brown ones (Example: brown rice, wheat bread), I cut back on eating junk food almost totally (bye bye Reese's), and I drink mostly water. One thing I also decided was that I no longer wanted to do boot camp/ cross fit class. Yes, it was effective however I didn't enjoy it anymore. Running, jumping, and feeling like I was about to die 4 times a week... naw, I'm not about that life anymore. In order for me to stay motivated and keep at working out I have to do things I enjoy. I called up a friend and we decided we would do this together. We started swimming, doing aerobic trampoline classes, and walking the bridges here locally in the city. I'm signing up for yoga and boxing next. *jumps up with excitement*

Me needing to be challenged, I took it a step further and downloaded an app on my phone called Nike Training Club (shout out to my Dominique for recommending it). It is effing amazing! I also started doing something I have always hated.. jogged. One thing I have done in the past was crash/ fad dieted. I would lose weight extremely fast so me saying 15 pounds in 30 days would have been nothing years ago. The weight also came back just as fast. Therefore causing me to always be trying this and that. This time I decided to do things the right way. I eat healthy 90% of the time... because yes, I still eat bullshit sometimes when I want to. I don't care what people think if I want ice cream or zaxby's I'm going to have some damn ice cream. Period. I refuse to starve myself!

  I have become overly obsessed with the new market salad from Chick Fila

They say this helps cuts fat.. it's worth a try.


Smoothie from Nutrition Oasis (details below)


I'm such a tramp.. :)

How I feel about working out.. what my shirt says.

I do something physical at least 3 days a week, period. I have noticed the weight is melting away slowly, but with it I am gaining muscle definition. My body is becoming toned and my abs are coming back. YAAAAYY!!! I am able to jog without about passing out (I actually enjoy it), my endurance is growing, and I feel healthy. I realized that being fit is not a 30 day challenge it is a lifestyle change. It may take months but with consistency I will get to where I want to be. I know I have a heavier bottom build and am very solid naturally... By no means do I want to be "skinny". However, I know how I want to look and I will know when I get there. I have been doing my challenge without the assistance of dietary supplements, crash dieting, or body wraps (no offense to my body wrap chicas). They say fine/ thick is whats up.. but to me you can still be fine (have legs, thighs, and butt) and be fit with it. I can honestly say I extremely happy with my progress.

#teamfit is who I campaign for.

Things I recommend
  • Download the Nike Training Club App. It's available for iPhone and Android
  • Visit Rebounderz located at 14985 Old St Augustine Rd for their aerobics trampoline class Tuesdays and Thursdays call them at 904-300-0070  for details
  • If you have Comcast visit the exercises channel "On demand" they have TONS of free workouts you can do at home.
  • Check out Nutrition Oasis located at 5393 Roosevelt Blvd  for DELICIOUS and healthy smoothies on days when you want a light breakfast. Visit their website at to see what they are all about.
  • Just make up in your mind you HAVE to eat healthier.. weight loss is 90% diet. Avoid fad/crash diets.. create your own balanced regiment. DO NOT STARVE yourself! When you binge it makes you want bad foods even more, and the body needs energy (food) to burn to effectively let go of weight.
  • Be happy!.. don't listen to what other people say. Do what feels good to you!

If you have any questions, want a workout buddy (MEEE), or have suggestions.. leave me some comments below! I hope I can be an inspiration to someone who is trying to lose weight or be healthy and just not know what to do. By no means am I a health guru or trying to tell you what to do. I am just sharing what is working for me :)

Making my dreams come true,

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