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Earlier this week I was invited to a very extraordinary event. It was entitled the "Dangerous Curves" Fashion show. To my surprise it was a plus size fashion show. I was excited to attend because I love to see women of all sizes and race work it in fashion.. and to be honest I am VERY interested in starting to sell plus size clothing for Doll Shoppe. So attending this event was fun but it was also homework. Since it was a fashion show I wanted to switch it up and bit and put on some grown woman clothes.. not my usual sneaks and loud colors. Here is what I wore..

Chiffon Blouse Mossimo (Target)// Tuxedo slacks Mossimo (Target)// Heels Zara

That's right dolls this ENTIRE outfit came from target! *Screams* I freaking love that store! If you can't find it at your local store I provided links to order it straight from their site...

To Purchase my blouse click HERE
To Purchase my pants click HERE
To Purchase my shoes click HERE ( I feel some kind of way because they are the half price I paid  now lol)

I kept the accessories at bare minimum and only wore a pair of stud earrings. I threw my hair in a high bun to make the look more chic.

Anyway! Enough about me, let's talk about this dope fashion show. It is an annual event, this year it was held at the Ritz Theater in Downtown Jacksonville. I was invited by my client (and now good friend) Odd?Rod. I guess he has figured out how obsessed I am about fashion and knew I would love this event. He was so very right. The ladies started off the show with a dance number wearing top hats, crisp white button down shirts with diamond encrusted bras underneath, and uber high heels. I knew at that moment I was in for a treat. They displayed hot summer and evening wear from Ashley Stewart and Avenue. The amazing heels were donated from Phil's shoes a well established shoe store here in town. They even had a bedroom wear section of the show were they pranced the stage in exotic night gowns  *boom*

The Host Karen Washington did an AMAZING job. I smiled and clapped the entire time the ladies had spunk and flare. During intermission they had door prizes and gave away tons of gifts. I wouldn't know what was in the bag.. I never win anything. *pouts* lol. Overall the evening was perfect, the show was very tasteful and the ladies looked amazing. I will definitely be attending the show next year. Such a treat. It gave me TONS of ideas as for as the shoppe goes *wink*.. I can see my own fashion show in the near future. I had never heard of this event but you all can be sure that next year I will be pumping this one on the blog. There is nothing more inspiring than to see a group of people come together and make something happen. I support it 1000%. Here are a few pictures of my evening.

Thanks again Rod!
 The host

Fashion is beautiful no matter what size or shape you are. I am honored I was given the chance to experience this event. Would you attend an event like this? Leave comments below.

Making my dreams come true,


  1. Thank you for attending our show Ashley! Also, for the much needed press, thank you again. Bless you your 10 fold! We appreciate your love for our Curves!! See you next year!

    1. The pleasure was all mine! Thank you!


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