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Fall Forecast..

One thing I can openly admit about myself when it comes to my sense of fashion is that I don't shop based on the season and I try to stay away from trends. I went thrifting for Doll Shoppe yesterday and some things caught my eye I could just not refuse. Yes, it's 90 degree weather here in Florida, but when I shop I think about the present and future. The fall will be here before you know.. so hey, why not prepare??
I swear on everything I love my hands shaking typing this blog that's how excited I am about the items I freaking came up on!! (Fashion junkie I know) Now, for all you thrifters out there the Salvation Army here in Jacksonville, FL offers half off on Wednesday.. every Wednesday. Did you read that... EVERY Wednesday ALL the Salvation Army stores in town offer ALL their clothing and accessories (excluding jewelry and shoes) half the hell off! If you didn't know now you know. Don't say I never gave you shit. lol. Ladies outside of Jacksonville check with your local store to see what their weekly specials are.

With that being said it's no question as to where you can find me every Wednesday hunting for bargains. I have a few to chose from in the city. Most of the time I hit one.. sometimes two in a day. I love digging through items looking for treasures to add to my personal collection but most importantly for the shoppe. This week boy oh boy did that happen for me!

Here we have this denim jacket with an Aztec print flannel sleeves, Copped it for $2.65. This here Vintage Bill Blass Overall/ jumper $3.65.. and this SUPER AWESOME leather bucket bag was snagged for 2.50.
Funny thing is I seriously almost contemplated selling the bucket bag on Doll Shoppe. Hence my post yesterday...

But the truth is I've been looking for one for a while now.. sooooo  sorry! lol. It's mine! How much was spent yesterday? *tallies up numbers* $8.80! Reason number 2 why I love thrifting it is so cost effective. Number 1 reason there are one of each in the store. It's very rare people will have on what you were when you go vintage. Be different, it's okay. I'm not going to tell you all what I plan on doing with these pieces you will just have to wait and see. But I can tell you, I see butter Timbs, leather, scull caps, huge bags, and denim in my fall forecast. *Blissful Sigh*

What about you? Have you started shopping for the next season? What will you be wearing?

Making my dreams come true,

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