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Ebay Addiction: My Accessory Wish List

For years now I have been utterly obsessed with ebay. I actually still run my store Doll Shoppe via Ebay. They have awesome items for very low prices. I keep a revolving watch list of items I want to purchase/ bid on. Here are a few accessories I'm watching right now. All under 20.00 with shipping.

I have become strangely obsessed with baseball caps. For a while now I have been wanting a leather one. I have seen them on ASOS for 40.00 and decided to try ebay. I found this one less than 10.00. I have not ordered it yet because I haven't been pressed to. I do that often lol. Last week I mentioned liking the body chain look. This one is more simple than the one from my previous post. I would definitely wear this with a nice chiffon button down or cropped t shirt. I love chains and love leopard.. this necklace is oh so very cute to me. I already have the shorter version of this necklace it has actually become one of my staple necklaces. They have 38 inch one that will allow you to wrap the necklace around the neck twice. This is a MUST have for me. I have often wondered how I would look with a gypsy style headband. I am going to take a chance and order this one just to see how it goes. The lion necklace is not dead.. I think one reason I never ordered my own is because a lot of them look small and cheap. I like that this one is not the average one (all gold with one pendant) and if you look at the other pictures on the buyers listing it is very chunky on the neck. I LOVE very chunky pieces.

Which is your favorite? Leave some comments below.

Making my dreams come true,

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