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I just had to share with you all what is currently on loop on my ipod. This freaking Yeesuz by Kanye West. I downloaded it the same day it dropped on itunes.. June 18, 2013.When the album first started "On Sight" played.. I was looking very crazy and nervous because I had no idea what the hell I had just downloaded. Seconds later all my worries and confusion faded.. I freaking fell IN LOVE. Now, let me put this out Kayne has always been a favorite of mine. The guy can do no wrong in my eyes. He has gone from being a rapper to an artist.. honestly he accomplished this with My Dark Twisted Fantasy. But this negro really has taken his music to the next level. He is the Picasso of music. Actually this album is like high end/ runway fashion.. either you get it or you don't. And yes baby, I get it. You have everything from classic Kanye, to moaning, screaming, rock, to reggae. This album has the most contrast in music I have ever heard.The shit is crazy. I've been listening to it for two weeks straight now... I have gone back and fourth about my favorite picks and decided "Hold My Liquor" which features Chief Keef, "Blood on the Leaves" and "I'm In it" are my top 3.

This isn't a music review because that isn't what I do.. I just wanted to let you all know what gives me a daily eargasm. :)

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