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Wish List: "BOOHOO no more".. I Found a new website!

Upon my online traveling I come across new sites all the time. Some of them fascinate me. Some.. not so much. Honestly I get tired of looking at the same ole sites... NOT Urban Outfitters tho I will never get tired of them...ever lol. Anyway, I stumbled across this UK based site called They feature trendy fashion. They have it ALL. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. I absolutely love their selection of colors and prints. Here are a few items I have got to have from their website!

First of all this dress is only 20.00! I love the fact that it is a "Plain Jane" dress. You can wear this piece in so many variations, from the shoes and accessories you choose, to changing it up and rocking a light cardigan or scarf. The Possibilites are endless. It comes in 13 different colors for you to choose from. Choose wisely. :)  This tassle shirt is sooo different to me.. I think the fact that it has faux leather tassles is what intrigues me. I love anything leather/ faux leather! I've mentioned to you all how much I adore disco pants from American Apparel. Turns out they have them on boohoo for HALF of the price. That's right dolls disco pants for 40.00! You can't beat that. I have a style confession (and I don't usually tell people what im thinking next when it come to my personal fashion) I have been wanting a flowy floral print maxi skirt for a while now.. I would so wear this tropical print on with a cropped baby tshirt, dramatic necklace, large handbag, and bejeweled sandals. Perfect for a day time look. I think this tusk necklace is uber cute. Paring it with several other necklaces will take it from from being cute to bad ass. It's okay to layer up necklaces and be dramatic. Last but certainly not least I have confessed my love/ obession for lime green/ neon yellow right now. I couldn't do a post from this awesome site without a piece of that color. Skater skirts are totally a breathe of fresh air. I get SICK of people thinking the only way to be sexy is to go body con (tight/ spandex). Be different, pair this skirt with a wild print button down and single strap heels. Turn heads? Yeah you will.

Boohoo has definitely earned me as a customer. They ship worldwide at very reasonable prices. Get this, you get free shipping to the United States when you order 25.00 or more! That's right dolls.. spend 25.00 get free shipping. Not 50.00 not 100.00 not 75.00 twenty five dollars. Right now is running a promo of 25% off for all US customers. Thats right 25% of ANY purchase on top of free shipping for orders to the US over 25.00. This offer expires THIS SUNDAY June 23rd, 2013.. so move quickly! With all the deals and super cute things they have that won't be hard to do at all. Be sure to check them out today.

Making my dreams come true,

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