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Wish List: "All Tied Up".. Tie Dye Fashion

So, I see the popular trend from the 70s has found its way back to the fashion scene. That's right ladies tie dye and the ombre effect is back and more popular than ever! Let me clarify, this ain't your tie the tshirt in rubber bands and dip type stuff. High end retailers are taking their spin on the homemade trend. Michael Kors and Tori Burch even have a few pieces in their current collections.

House of Holland incorporated it into their 2013 Spring/Summer run way show....

Versace during a Milan fashion week show in the end of 2012 showcasing their 2013 Spring/Summer collection
Even guys are doing it

I mean, I'm seeing it everywhere, shoes, vest, caps, you name it! I love it. Anyway, I have my own wish list of items I want to add to my closet that are all apart of this retro trend.

1. Tie Dye Knot Tshirt Dress - Asos
2. Sprakle & Fade Knit Tie Dye Romper - Urban Outfitters
3. Tie Dye Print Leggings - Asos
4. Ombre Halterneck Swimsuit - Asos
5. BDG Tie- Dye Button Down Oxford Shirt - Urban Outfitters
6. Ecote Erin Tank Top - Urban Outfitters

I LOVE a front knot dress, in all honesty I would wear this dress with my black/white chucks to kick it at the beach or an outdoor concert. I also love a cute romper, this one from Urban Outfitter is super cool with the back out the front actually has pretty cute detail too. I can't really say much about these leggings other than the fact that they are dope. I could totally see myself wearing them in a punk-rockish kind of look. Maybe with some Jeffery Campbell "Lita" boots? Of course everyone loves a two piece but how cute is this one piece ombre suit?.. the back is fully exposed. Its nothing wrong with being modest sometimes dolls. I'm pretty sure I mentioned B.D.G is on of my favorite brands at urban outfitters. In my eyes they can do no wrong. I already own an over sized vintage shirt similar to this one but a fitted one would be such a nice addition to my collection. I've had my eyes on this Ecote tank top for a while and it's now on sale on UO for 19.00. I see it being worn sort of like the picture light color destroyed jean shorts, i.d. tag necklace and maybe the Ivory high top chucks I've been wanting?? hmmm. We shall see.

How do you feel about the tie dye clothing? Would you wear any tie dye pieces? Which is your favorite from my wish list?


  1. hey, where is the guy's jumper from?

    1. Im not sure I found the picture on google to use as an example. Sorry :(


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