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Sometimes when I'm bored at work I tend to begin browsing the Internet. Sometimes I shop. Today I did myself (and my pockets) a favor and just put a few casual  looks that I would so rock together.

1. Minie Mouse Cropped Top - Asos 
2. Chain Link Necklace - Asos
3. Silence & Noise Pull On Faux Leather Pants- Urban Outfitters
4. Jordan Flights - Finishline

I don't know why I like this shirt, but I do. It's playful yet sexy at the same time. You all should know by now how I feel about chain link necklaces. I LOVE them in any and all variations. Faux leather pants are another heart breaker for me. I think this sweat pants style version would look dope with the Jordans. Yes, Jordans. It's okay to come out of heels from time to time and kick it in a pair of kicks. 

Cotton Spandex Jersey Crop Tee - American Apparel 
Asymmetrical Boomerang Necklace- Forever 21
Silence & Noise Safari Maxi Skirt- Urban Outfitters
N.Y.L.A Lace-Up Cage Sandal - Urban Outfitters
Faux Leather Cross body- Forever 21
Aviator Shades- Forever 21

Two things I can say about American Apparel their shit is basic, and it is expensive. However, it is VERY durable. I am an avid customer and have no problem dropping 30.00 dollars on a basic t shirt because I know it will last,can be worn several different times/ways, and their pieces are timeless. I already own the boomerang necklace and as I said in a previous blog it is absolutely amazing.. it would accessorize this look perfect! I love the idea of mixing the red crop shirt with a black and gold skirt. (I HATE matchy matchy looks) The skirt is elastic and high waist. Super sexy especially with a cropped top. I did a blog last week about gladiator sandals. I don't think I can do them, but these are extremely hot to me. A cross body is always a great finishing piece especially for a day of errands or outdoor festivities. you don't have to worry about lugging a bag around. I love shades, especially aviators. They can make any look appear confident and cool. 

BDG Tribled Shirttail Tank - Urban Outfitters
Woven Jogger Shorts- Forever 21
Criss Cross Faux Suede Platforms- Forever 21
Twist Turban Headband- My Hair Craft Shop (Etsy)
Long Triangle Earrings- Forever 21
Southwestern Cuff- Forever 21

Okay, so as soon as I saw these jogger shorts on F21, I immediately pictured, blue, grey and if possible lime green going with it. I have to admit none of these items match but they all go. Get it? The tank top is loose fitting and comfortable and would look adorable with the shorts. The heels add  a little sexiness. The twist tie turban would take this outfit from being normal to something extraordinary. I mean really who wears a turban!? I think it would look nice with your hair in a bun or straightened out and secured in a mid head pony tail. The long earrings would compliment the turban. Especially if your hair is up. The cuff would just be one arm piece of many I would add to this look. In other words I wold stack several random bracelets and bangles up.

I know I have a weird sense of fashion, but that's what makes it cool. Who wants to have an average day and look average!?. My favorite is the tribal"ish" look.. the Playful Chic is second. What can I say? I like flats and sneaks :)  Which is your favorite?

Making my dreams come true,

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