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Waiting On Kendrick Like The 1st and the 15th..

A few months ago I was told Kendrick Lamar would be performing live in concert this month and I instantly got excited. I can't say that I have been with him as far as his career goes since the beginning but I did purchase his debut album "Good Kid M.A.A.D City" and I absolutely LOVE it! So it was a no brainer I would go. Long story short I had decided not to go... then Wednesday (the day of the concert) I texted Jaime (my best friend) a sad emoji saying I wanted to go. She agreed and we snagged our tickets. I'm so glad we did.

Of course I have to show you all my OOTN. Scout's Honor lol..
 Boy Scout button down: Vintage// Light wash high waist shorts: Vintage Levi// Braided belt: Vintage// Red Sneakers: Vans// Chunk chain necklace

So get this, I was thrifting for Doll Shoppe one day and came across this Boy Scout shirt on half off Wednesday. I kid you not the shirt cost me about $1.65. I had been looking for one for a while and could only find them at vintage stores for $30.00 or more.. this one was meant to be. lol. Same thing with my shorts, I found them at the thrift store for $1.65. They actually were entirely TOO big but I liked the color and style and being that they were too big I was able to wear them high waisted. Trust me, the belt was so necessary. at $45.00 my shoes alone cost more than the entire outfit. I purchased them from at a local Journey's but you can click here----> <---- to purchase my shoes and hundreds of other selections they have. Amazing, that no one would've know that had I not blogged about it :)

Anyway K Dot's concert was held at the St Augustine Amphitheater in St Augustine, Fl. The weather was absolutely perfect. After a few opening acts that included Schoolboy Q, it was time for Kendrick to take the stage. He came out performing "M.A.A.D City" and the crowd went APE SHIT. Seriously, as soon as he started flowing EVERYONE stood up from their seats. I don't think anyone sat down the entire show. His energy exuded his confidence and sense of pride about his accomplishments. Throughout the show he did a crowd check to make sure everyone was still hype. So not necessary. People were jumping around and vibing. After singing along to all his popular hits including "Bitch, don't kill my vibe" and "Poetic Justice" I was sad when he did his outro song. If you follow me on Vine (Ashley Tamarra) you can catch a few clips I captured included my crazy self singing. I really enjoyed myself and the energy in the theater was amazing. Priceless.

When you can't get any of the pictures right you say "eff it" and post them all. I love my Jaime.

Making my dreams come true,

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