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Every one has or had that one person who is soooo nice and does everything thing right. But they make your fucking skin crawl. You know, your phone alerts you that you have a new message only to see it's from "them" . You immediately become annoyed or disappointed and throw the phone down in disgust. Or when they call you simulate a vomit. You know it's wrong because they are such a nice person and you have no reason to treat them wrong... so you respond to the message.. and answer like you're so happy they called. Poor little them, they just have no idea you feel that way (sometimes they do and don't give a damn)  so they continue to. Even when you are brutally honest and tell them you're not interested and don't speak to them for days, weeks, or months. They still pop back up and you almost feel guilty for ignoring them for too long so you continue it. They feel they can eventually wear you down and win your heart over through all their efforts. Little do they know.. they never will. Or will they? Deep down you know you have every reason to like them... but.. you just... don't.

Do you have or had someone like this in your life? How should I *cough cough* I mean would you handle it?

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