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Photo Album: Me and The Boys

One thing I am learning as I mature is that children need love and time more than anything. Yeah they like material things. You know, clothes, video games, and toys. But time is priceless and will always be remembered. This friday I was off work with nothing to do and was missing my one year old nephew "CJ" like crazy. I had not seen him in a week and wanted some kisses. My son decided he was done with school for the year.. keep calm it was the last day lol. So I rounded them up and we took off. I treated them to lunch at B.B's, cookies from Costal Cookies at the landing and a boat ride on the St Johns River... Here are a few pictures of my day with my loves.

My Asian Chop Chop Salad.. mmmmmm.
Take one!

CJ looking mean as usual lol

TE TE baby was gone before I could put the car in reverse lol.
 Even when you're stupid busy you have to take time and make time for the ones you love. No, we didn't go to Disney World and spend hundreds of dollars. But we ran around.. well, my son ran behind my nephew to keep him from trying to jump in the water haha. We laughed and I kissed and kissed all over them both. I felt at peace seeing them happy. Those are memories we will take with us forever. Well, maybe not CJ...he didn't know what the hell was going on he was just happy. lol.

Making my dreams come true,

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