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For years a good friend of mine Olabode Borisade. Better known as "Odd?Rod". Has been know around the community as a poet, motivational speaker, and all around good guy. He started a non profit organization in honor of his late brother who passed away from brain cancer. The organization is called "Eric's Life". Every year around June he holds a fund raising event which requires the attendees to wear all white clothing. His philosophy is that the white represents angels on earth celebrating those who are no longer with us. Every year the proceeds are donated to a different foundation that is geared toward research for a disease.

The ticket is a wrist band which states "Eric's Life, Inc. Rise Against Your Fears!".

 For months, Rod has self promoted the event selling wrist bands by the day. Everyone literally awaits this event every year for their chance to party with the best of the city in the finest apparel. Anyway, I've gone to a few of the events myself but this year was special to me because Mr Borisade called me up personally and asked me to style him for the event. WOW! Of course I agreed. I was so excited because I had not dressed anyone in a while. And dressing a male is always a challenge. A lot of guys think to have a "stylist" is.. well gay. So not the case. He was actually very cool about letting me take the wheel on his look. After a series of emails of ideas I had as far as looks were concerned. We both agreed to go with a modernized retro look. I wanted to utilize suspenders but he wasn't with it. lol! Here's what I came up with for him..

Blouse: Ralph Lauren// Vest: Perry Ellis // Pants: Calvin Klein// Shoes: Cole Haan // Tie: found at TJ Maxx

As always the party was a success but more so his look was a total success. He received so many compliments on his look. I couldn't be more proud! I promise I will never not be in awe when seeing someone wear something I put together.

Here are a few more pictures from the party starting with my OOTN, I guess you can say I was inspired my Janelle Monae. :)
Blouse: Ralph Lauren// Pants: Thrifted// Shoes: Sam Edelman

Me and two of my boo's. They don't know it but we go together. lol.

To find out more about Odd?Rodd visit his website. or to learn about him as an artist, upcoming shows, and events. If your going to party do it for a purpose. I can't think of a better way than to support this annual event. If you need me to dress you for your special event CONTACT ME. You can fill out a form via the contact tab or simply email me 

Making my dreams come true,

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