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"My Super Hair Woman" Interview with Hair Stylist and MUA Diane Cochardo-Barnes

I remember it like yesterday. I showed up to a photo shoot with all my Tupperware full of jewelry, wearing a camo jacket and Army boots. Diane was sitting on the steps waiting along with the models and immediately was like. "Yo! your style is dope".. she went on to show me different wigs and ideas she had for the head shot photo shoot we were to collaborate on that day. I knew from that moment I liked this chick. Anyway, she noticed I had natural hair and started asking me questions. I told her I always wanted a "blow out" (where the natural hair is straightened to look like it's relaxed) and she said she could do it no problem. Not too long after I had the experience of her giving me a blow out and the results where PHENOMENAL!!! People really thought I had gotten a relaxer. I promise it was bouncy and swung like I had a fresh "perm and wrap". It lasted for three weeks!!! Do you read me!?!? THREE WEEKS! I don't know about you natural ladies but I haver never found anyone to achieve this for me until then. EVER.

Here's a picture..

Natural ladies do I have your attention now!?!?  lol Anyway, Diane is a mother, a talented make-up artist, and duh hairstylist. I had a chance to interview her to shed a little light on her career. Had I been blogging as much back in January you all would've known about her months ago. She is toooooo talented to be kept a secret!

AT: What made you want to get into styling hair and doing makeup.
DC: I was 9 years old and my mother and I were window shopping in downtown Mannheim, Germany and there was a small salon where a lady with bright red hair was cutting a client's hair and I just remember with my afro on my head and cold weather outside, I just pressed my face against their salon window in awe and she actually came out with her broken English and asked did I want to come in and my mother said yes and I knew then I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. She was amazing.
AT: How long have you been doing it.
DC: I started at 11 with all my friends and family and at 15 I had my first job as an assistant in a salon in South Atlanta and this summer will make 17 years for me...
AT: Whats your specialty
DC: I am bi-racial so I know the headaches parents and kids go through. So I make that a huge speciality for myself, to deal with different textures and curl patterns. Hair color is my concentrated major with color correction and gray coverage and safe color applications for textured and chemically treated hair. Razor cuts and precision cuts are my last passion that I make sure I am well versed in as well.
AT: What services do you offer?
DC: I offer full service hair services. Chemical straighteners, Keratin Treatments, blow outs, hair cuts and customized color. Curly hair options are a huge service I offer as well.
AT: What's the biggest project you've ever worked on.
DC:Working for Scruples at the Premiere Show two years in a row. The biggest hair show in the country.
AT: Where do you see your career going?
DC: Eventually I want to be an educator and motivator for the industry and break down the racial and barriers still prevalent in the industry. I want to bridge Hispanics, Blacks and all races to understand that hair is hair and that all women deserve to feel and look beautiful.

Here is a photo from the head shot shoot Diane and I collaborated on..

More work from Diane hair and makeup

She recently did a "Flexi Rod Set" on my hair.. here are the results.

When I tell you I HIGHLY recommend this woman I mean it. You better believe when I want to not deal with my hair and not want braids, Diane will be called. She has a super down to earth attitude and is fabulous. She is now located at Meobachi Salon & Image Consulting Agency located at 6848 St Augustine Rd. To find out more information about Diane visit her facebook fan page by clicking Here ---->>> Fan Page <<<--- or if you are ready to book your hair and or make-up appointment call her directly at 904-739-7256. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!!

Just yesterday she sent me this message with all of her July Specials! I'm definitely getting another blowout! Watch.. call Diane today and make your appointment!

Making my dreams come true,

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