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I'm pretty sure most of you have figured out by now that I run an online clothing store Doll Shoppe. This week I updated the shoppe with a few new pieces. I want to show you all a few of my favorite picks. When I style this stuff for the website, you guys probably look at me crazy. I know that sometimes I can have an eclectic brain when it comes to fashion. I wanted to show you my top five favorite pieces, and how you can wear them in different ways by showing you similar pieces I have found on the web.

Vintage 90's tropical print button down. I LOVE the vibrant colors of this shirt. Which is solely why I selected it for the store. Tropical prints are totally in for the Summer season. Snag this before it's too late.. a few days ago I did a post with a similar version to this top. Here's your chance to own your own..

First of all I need you all to thank me for my unselfish behavior. I have been looking for a crazy color bomber jacket for a few weeks. When I came across this tassel print one it ALMOST did not make it to the shoppe. I reeeeeeally like this. You all need to understand if you don't already that I am addicted to fashion. It is very hard for me to sell some of these items to you all. But I enjoy doing it so that should answer your "why"  Here is a uber cute way you could rock this jacket. Brought to you from one of my fashion icons, Rihanna..

picture courtesy of google search
Of course Doll Shoppe's version isn't Chanel but feel the inspiration ladies.. High waist jeans, cropped top, and some Doc Martin Style boots would be DOPE.

If I were to rock this jacket I would wear some light colored destroyed jeans, boyfriend tee, and an off color pump, knowing me it would be red. I would accessorize by using either a chunky chain necklace or a dramatic draped necklace.. here's what I mean

picture courtesy of google search
This look is so chic and can be perfect for the office or a happy hour for drinks.

I love this necklace so much I bought an extra one for myself. When I wore it I actually double it up with a vintage chain necklace. I wore it with a black harem jumpsuit on a Sunday afternoon. I really hate I didn't get a picture of the whole look to show you all.

I absolutely love these shorts, they are high waist (which is biggie for me right now) and they are chic. They can be worn with sandals, nice keds, or heels..
picture courtesy of
Mischa Barton rolled her shorts up and paired it with a sheer button down blouse and coordinating heels. Super cute way to make these chic shorts even more feminine.

Which is your favorite? Leave me a comment below. Also don't forget to visit the shoppe at for new, used, and vintage fashion at an affordable price.

Making my dreams come true,

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