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Haute Look For Less: Steve Madden vs Guiseppe Zanotti

Happy Saturday all!!!
Confession: I have this absolute "career crush" on celebrity fashion stylist Olori Swank. The girl is dope. Period. I hope to be on her level one day. Anyway, I follow her blog and a few days ago she posted a picture of her self in this look.

First of all her effing swag is at 1000 percent. Okay!? I LOVE this look. She took a tomboyish look to the next level by adding killer heels to it. Which brings us to the topic for discussion. Her heels. *Muffles mouth to cover scream*.

HOW SICK are this bitches!?! She noted they are Guiseppe Zanotti. Now, for any of you who are into labels, Guiseppe heels can run you anywhere from 500.00 (on sale) to 3k. Just to have hope I looked up these shoes to price them and they run about 995.00. This are a simple t-strap heel embellished with a super fat chain on the straps. You all know how I feel about chains. *Heart eyes* I'm not sure how old they are, but they are no longer on Neiman Marcus' website. I actually was able quote a price from Now, I'm not sure about you but I just don't have 1,000.00 laying around to drop on a pair of shoes. Now it would be different if I were determined to have these and I actually saved for them. These just aren't that pair. Do I love them yes? Do I love them enough to pay a rack. No. So I put my little head down in shame and admired her shoes. A girl can dream right? 

A few days later I was researching a pair of shoes for someone and went on Steve Madden's website and THIS hit me.

My whole world lit up. We all know designers are often *cough cough* inspired by other designers. And Steve Madden tends to do this a lot. *cough cough*.. No shade. Actually I'm happy about this... um, well duplicate. The Steve Madden version of the heel "Magnetik" will hardly break the bank at 109.95

Now let's just be up front, the Steve version's chain isn't as chunky nor is the material as luxe. There is no denial in this. But come on.. it gives the same concept, at the fraction of the cost. I will surely invest in a pair. Like I said before you don't always have to spend tons of money to look Dope. CLICK HERE ----->>> MAGNETIK <<<--- to purchase.You're welcome. :)

Making my dreams come true,


  1. "I love the Steve madden version" said my purse lolol love the article girly!

    1. "I Know THATS right!!" said my purse to you! lol Thank you.


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