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Get It Twisted: DIY Pin Up Style

Happy Sunday Dolls! Today I decided to direct this blog toward my first DIY hair edition. It's Sunday and I figured you may want some inspiration for what to do with your hair for the week.
I love wearing my fro out.. however, if you are natural you know this can require much maintenance. Especially if your hair is at a decent length. Sometimes I just don't like fooling with my hair everyday. If I don't have access to someone, I do my own hair. That's the thing about having natural hair, either you have to be willing to do your own hair or constantly pay someone else to maintain it... unless you have a awesome person who is willing to do it for you for free lol. I decided to do one of my favorite quick yet simple styles. A twist updo.. This style is good for dolls with natural OR relaxed hair.

I am currently using the Creme Of Nature With Argon Oil products. I have been in love with this line for a few months. The products you choose to use are optional. But make sure you wash and condition your hair. Also, apply some sort of leave in conditioner. Also make sure you have some sort of moisturizer for this style. Today I used
  • Shampoo (Not pictured)
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Spray on leave in conditioner
  • Oil Moisturizer
  • Perfect edges gel
  • Rat tail comb
  • Hair pins
  • Rubber bands
  • Bristle brush

Wash and condition the hair. Make sure towel dried damp. If you are using a leave on conditioner other than the Creme Of Nature Spray, apply it now. Try to get the hair as dry as possible but not completely dry.

Section the hair into four section and secure each section with a rubber band. I find that separating my hair this way makes it a lot easier to style.

Top view

 Take one section of the hair out of the rubber band. Now is the time to your your paddle brush. Brush all the kinks out of you hair when you're finish it should look as if the hair is blown out. This is the step that I apply my moisturizer and spray on the leave in conditioner to my hair. I do it section by section. Once all conditioner and moisturizer has been applied part the hair in a row. Take the hair you are not using and secure it with a rubber band or hair clip (optional)

Two strand twist the hair in the row. Complete this until the entire section looks like the picture below. Depending on how big or small you want your twists to be is up to you. Today I decided to go with a medium size twist.

You will complete step 2 until the entire head is twisted.

Once the head is completely twisted section your hair into three sections. loosely secure a larger portion in the front with a rubber band. The section section should be secure more tightly. This will remain for the style, so make sure it feel secure but not painfully tight.

You can do the back two ways. You can do what I did which was flat twist the twist straight up the back. or you can simply simulate a french roll with the twists. Secure the hair with the middle section of hair you sectioned off earlier. this should feel secure as well. Which ever route you take you will need hair pins to secure the hair. Use as many as you feel you need. Make sure the hair feels secure. No twists should be falling down at this point.  

When you  are finished, here is what it should look like. pretty much have of you hair is secured with rubber bands and pinned down in place. The front twist can now be removed from the loosely fitting rubber band.

Here is where you can get creative. Take two or more twists and begin twisting them together. Twist them together and tuck them in the position you want them to be in, secure the tucked twists into place with pins. This includes the twists that were secured into the rubber bands. Continue to do this unit the entire front section of the hair is styled how you like it.

 Here are my finished results. I applied the perfect edges gel to my edges and tied my hair down with a cotton scarf.

I allowed the scarf to stay on fOR at least 30 minutes, and VIOLA my twist updo.
To maintain this style, tie your hair down at night with a scarf. Preferably with a satin scarf, to maintain moisture. Depending on how I'm feeling I usually keep this style for 3-5 days. Guess what? When you take the twists down you will have a fabulous head of curly hair from the twits and you can style it that way too.
If you have any questions about this style please feel free to comment or email me if you're shy.

Making my dreams come true,

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