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Father's Day..

Everyone has a story and mine wouldn't be what it is without these two. One brought me here and the other helped raise me. It doesn't matter who did what or not I love them both the same. Some people get one father in life some have none. I was blessed with two!
Mother's day is always the rave. I'm seeing that Father's Day is sort of toned down. I guess it goes hand in hand with the term "Mama's baby.. Daddy's maybe". Mothers are mothers instantly, we can't just walk away from our child.. well um, in MOST cases. So ladies don't get into an uproar because I didn't do a Mother's Day post. For all you A+++ mamas I LOVE YOU ALL. However, I want to shed light on something that is more rare in our society. Males actually taking action on the title "Daddy". ANY man can make a Child but it takes a man to raise him/her. One must understand a child needs more than "child support"... but also, love, attention, time, and guidance. From day one.

Children need a POSITIVE male figure in their life to set a foundation for years to come. Notice I said children. People think it is just boys who need a man to become a man. Nope, girls need fathers too to become women. I mean, we all can survive without fathers and become great but just imagine how much more we could all be with a positive male influence. I won't go into detail but what I will say is... Happy Father's Day to all fathers, step fathers, and any stand up guy who has taken on a fatherly role. You all are appreciated and loved. Thank you! It will go a long way, further than you will ever know.

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