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DIY Tuxedo Pants In 10 Steps..

I have a little secret. Remember the pants I wore for the annual all white party?

They started off as regular white pants. Here's a quick story of what happened and how this look came about. I knew that I wanted to go with a Janelle Monae type look. High waist pants, pompadour in my hair, big ruffle shirt. Blah blah blah.. So, I ordered at pair of high waist white slacks and the blouse that I ended up wearing. When the pants came I KNEW I would hate them with the shirt. Once the shirt came my biggest fear was confirmed. I hated the two pieces together. At this point I had about a week before the party. I almost wore the pants with a totally different blouse. So glad I didn't. Anyway, I knew for a fact I wanted to wear my shirt..I decided to take the look to the next level by wearing a slack with a tuxedo stripe. Two problems... I could not find a pair locally and I couldn't find a pair that was reasonably priced online. The one pair I did like were Lanvin and 475.00!! Who the hell!?! Not I. So I put my crafting skills to the test. I went to the thrift store and found these pants for 4.00

I started researching DIY options for tuxedo pants and came across a video on YouTube Entitled "DIY Tuxedo Pants with Sophie Monet". ---> The Video <--- Doing the stripes are very easy and takes about 20 minutes. Here's what I did....

1. An Iron
2. Bonding Adhesive Tape (make sure it matches the width of the ribbon)
3. Ribbon, preferably with ridges in it like mine.
4. Pants that you want to add the tuxedo stripes to.

No sewing is required yay!!


1. Measure the ribbon along the side seam on the the pants
2. Make sure you leave out extra ribbon to tuck under the hem and the waist in the end
3. Cut the ribbon and measure up a second piece with the first piece. (One for each pant leg)
4. Cut the adhesive tape to match the length of the ribbon strips. (You should now have a total of 4 strips)

5. Line the adhesive tape up with a piece of ribbon and iron it (paper side up) onto the ribbon. The iron should at medium heat with NO STEAM. Iron slowly down the strip to ensure the heat bonds the tape to the ribbon.
6. This is how the ribbon should look, as you can see my adhesive was a little crooked but this is okay because the adhesive is clear and even if it is a little off, I promise the stripes wont come off.
7. Pull the paper from the adhesive/ ribbon combination.
8. Line the ribbon up with the pants seam again adhesive (sticky) side down.
9. Iron the strip onto the pants on medium high and slowly, just like how you did when you bonded the adhesive to the ribbon.
10. Fold the excess material under the hem and iron down.. do the same with the waistband.

There you have it! Your own tuxedo striped pants. I received soooo many compliments on them. They were uber chic and turned heads. Little did people know I spent less that 15 bucks on them. Well, until now :0)

Making my dreams come true,

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