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Casual Work Day Look: Vintage, Lime, and Polka Dot

Aaaah Monday mornings, don't you just love them? *Inserts Sarcasm* As much as we hate them it is the start of a fresh week. Fresh week means a fresh start for a lot of us. How about trotting in with a refreshing look to set your week off right? Here was my work OOTD from Friday.. brought to you on Monday. TAAADAAAA! lol

Lime green cardigan (B.D.G Urban Outfitters)
Ruffle Button down blouse (Thrifted from Plato's Closet)
Vintage belt
Black casual slacks
Woven driver style flats (B.D.G Urban Outfitters)
Menswear watch (Michael Kors)
Diamond stud earrings

Okay, so.. yes, I do live in Florida and it's hot as hell outside. So I know you're probably wondering why a cardigan? There is always a 99.9% chance that it is going to be FREEZING at my job, I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I can not do the matchy matchy thing.. I loathe it. I decided to take a normal black and white polka dot blouse and add some flair to it by throwing on the neon cardigan. I am obsessed with neon colors, I love this cardigan. At this point, I have worn it several times with different looks. I've had these black slacks forever and grabbed them out of the closet because they went with my outfit and gave it "balance". The shoes.. funny story. I was going to wear some plain black B.D.G flats that I have but they were entirely toooo coordinated with my look. I went the mismatch ones instead. I really dislike wearing heels to work.. for one there is no purpose and two I like being COMFORTABLE!!!! My vintage bag has become one of my favorite accessories and it totally matched with my belt. I wore the belt around my waist to give the cardigan some structure.. trust me if I would not have worn it, it would not have come together like so. I decided not to do a necklace because the ruffles in the shirt are so dramatic, it would've looked to gaudy and like I was "trying too hard". Because I was wearing the long sleeve cardigan, I decided to go with my menswear watch. A nice watch is always a perfect accessory to polish off any look.

Would you wear this to work? What are you going to wear today?

Making my dreams come true,

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