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Before I'm Gone

I was at the hair salon the other day. While I was waiting, I began thinking about this and that. 100 ideas per second, naw mean?! I glanced out the window and saw these.. I looked for a few seconds, got up walked outside and just stared at the beauty in awe. I eventually snapped this picture to keep it as a reminder..

A while ago I was not how I am now. I'm no saint but I have a sincere sense of positivity about myself and life. I was living life in a bubble and didn't really appreciate the little things. 10 years ago I would've never guessed I would be blogging, styling people, and running an online clothing store. I can't really say that I appreciated life as much as I do now. Everyday I wake up my prayer is "thank you.". They always say appreciate the flowers before you're gone. I take that as appreciate life and live it to the fullest before you're gone.
Appreciate what you have instead of worrying about what you don't. By all means strive to have "more" of whatever it is you want. But don't lose sight of the fact that you are already blessed with "something". Love who loves you fuck those who don't. Laugh hard every chance you get. Appreciate life lessons and learn from them. It's okay to cry, even if you look ugly as fuck doing it. Try new things. Don't be afraid to take a shot at your dreams. Stress is stupid. Understand you will do things wrong sometimes. Stop caring about what the next person thinks! You only get one of these things called "Life".. learn to love it before you're gone.
Everyday on twitter I tweet... "Everyday is another chance". Because everyday you're alive is another chance to do whatever your heart desires. Take action and do it. Whereever you are in life.. you're ALIVE. Be thankful for that if you feel you have nothing else to be thankful for. Through trial and error.. I've learned and am still learning to appreciate life before I'm gone.

Making my dreams come true,

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