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"3 Cheers For Beauty": An Interview With Jewelry Designer Tia Wright

One thing I love to see is women stepping out on faith to start their own business. Trust me, there is nothing more rewarding than being paid for something you love to do. For a while now I have been good friends with Ms. Tia Wright single mother of two based in Jacksonville by way of Miami Florida. She started her own handmade jewelry company "3 Beauties Accessories" and is ready to take the world by storm. I have watched her take simple and rare beads and hand craft them into beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I was able to purchase my own earrings recently and asked her if I could do an interview with her about her brand/ product.

AT: Tia, tell us a little about yourself
TW: I am Owner/Designer for 3 Beauties Accessories.  A 36yo single mother of two from Miami, Fl currently living in Jacksonville, Fl.  I graduated in Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico in 1994 and was a military brat the majority of my life.  I was raised by a teenage single mother and I have lived in Germany, Puerto Rico, Tacoma Washington and several cities in Virginia.  I adore the fashion industry in every aspect and excited to share my vision with the world for years to come.

AT: Where did the name 3 Beauties come from?
TW: I named my business 3 Beauties Accessories to include my two daughters ages 12 and 3 into my brand.

AT: What inspired you to start this business?
TW: I started making jewelry because I wanted to make some accessories to match a pair of shoes I had purchased and had no luck finding the right pieces to wear with them.  I showed a few people the results of my work and everyone took to my design and requested custom pieces for themselves.  From that I knew I had something to offer and I loved doing it.

AT: How long have you been doing this?
TW: I'm fairly new to the fashion industry, I started my business a little over two years ago.

AT: What type of pieces do you make and for who?
TW: The vast majority of my work are custom pieces.  I make everything from trendy look to a classic look that appeals every woman.  Right now the pieces I design are suited for women of any age

AT: When creating pieces what do you use for inspiration?
TW: When it comes to inspiration on creating my designs I pretty much use myself and what I believe other women would love wearing a accent their wardrobe.  I don't design anything I wouldn't wear myself.  Whether it's a night out on the town with the girls or to the office

AT: What type of materials do you use?
TW: I use semi precious metals,stones and some plated metals.

AT: What sets 3 BEAUTIES apart from other jewelry designers?
TW: 3 Beauties specializes in handcrafted one of a kind exclusive pieces.  My customers/clients have the comfort of knowing that there will never be more than three people wearing my designs.  There is nothing like wearing or having something everyone wants and can not have.

AT: What staple pieces do you try to keep (what design are you most known for) ?
TW:I try to keep at least one of my designs to wear for myself as show pieces to draw in potential customers.  I cant really say that I have a signature design because I tend to make a wide range of pieces.  However a large amount of my customers have taken to my unique wrap bracelets and Pandora inspired charm bracelets.

AT: What was your top moment as a jewel designer?
TW: My top moment as a jewelry designer was showcasing my designs at the Jacksonville Black Expo in 2011.  I gained a lot of exposure and it allowed me to expand my customer base.

AT: Where do you see this business going/ what does the future hold for 3 beauties?
TW: I see 3 Beauties going very far.  My goal is to expand my pieces to suite women,men and children. Eventually I will be making purses/handbags,belts,scarfs and shoes.  My goal for my business is if it's an accessory 3 Beauties makes it.

These are the earrings I Purchased! LOVE!

The rest of the pictures are other designs Tia created.

 Tia offers a wide range of style when it comes to her products. As you can see she incorporates chains, stones, spikes, and beads into her designs. She tries to tap into all fashion trends to suit the needs and wants of any woman. She has items on hand and can also create custom pieces. Currently the website for 3 Beauties Accessories is under construction. However, you can view a selection of the items Ms Wright has to offer by checking out her facebook page make sure you "like her page" and feel free to ask questions via the page or email at She has a warm, bubbly spirit and is ready to make you a piece! Again, she is located here in Jacksonville, Fl and will deliver anywhere locally. Or if you are out of town she can create a custom piece and have it to you by mail. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!

Making my dreams come true,

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