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Who Says You Need "Someone"

Tuesday Morning. After I dropped my son off to school I made my post office run for Doll Shoppe I actually felt like.. running. I had not gone jogging in months and to be honest I really need to get back to working out consistently anyway. When I work out I'm a different person, no laughs.

After my jog and ab workout to my "work biotch" play list (and shower or course). I was freaking bored. I had nothing else to do for the day.. so what did I do? Decided to spend some time with myself take myself on a date. I threw on a short sun dress, some shades, cross body bag, and headed toward favorite part of town.. you guessed it. THE BEACH.

Now, at this point a chick was starving so I decided to stop at my now second favorite place for some drinks and tacos.. Taco Lou. I'm sitting at the bar alone with my drink waiting on my food when this guy plops down next to me. Like, right next to me. lol.. awkward.. Being how I am I spoke and next thing I know we started chopping it up about life and what we do for a living. His name was Chad and he plays for a band called "The Impediments". How fucking cool is that? I LOVE live music. I promised him I would come to some of his shows. Next thing I know we were sharing tacos and having shots together. When we got our checks he said "Ashley, you're cool as hell.. let's be friends".. Of course I'll be his friend. We exchanged info and I hopped in my car off to my next destination.

Best Sangria in town.. I think

Chad and I

I mentioned to you all before one of the biggest advantages of living in Jacksonville is how close I am to the beach. That was where I decided to go to next (the actual beach). The day was BEAUTIFUL and sometimes I need a serene place to just.. think. I grabbed my hot pink polka dot blanket from the back seat and strolled to the water. I sat there and just enjoyed the rays of sunlight on my skin and the crashing of waves in my ear.

Overall my day was perfect. I handled business, worked out, got out of the house, met an awesome person, and gave myself the ultimate breather. Who says you need "Someone" to go on a date?

Making my dreams come true,

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