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I have natural hair. For those of you who don't know what that means.. my hair is not treated with any chemicals, I allow it to grow in its natural state. Which in my case is a loose kinky kind of curl. Although I love my kinks, I grow bored, or lazy, or frustrated with it from time to time. For almost two months I had some Senegalese Twists (twisted extensions) professionally put in my hair. Here is what I had...

17 hours of sitting in a chair getting them done... fuck my life.

final results.. so worth the sit. *sigh*

almost two months old..

.. After two whole months it is safe to say it was time for them to be gone. After about an hour in a half of labor (forcing my son to help) I finally got all the super tiny twists out, washed my hair, and look at what emerged from the trenches..

These pics were after a good shampoo and before I treated my tresses to a deep condition. I forgot how much I love my hair texture. I won't EVER get a relaxer again... EEEEEEVVVVEEEEER! Although I loved my braids it was waaay past time for MY hair to be free. WHEEEW!

Making my dreams come true,

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