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What's THIS Song called!?!

So, I went cycling a few weeks ago and this song came on. The instructor was clearly amped up because baby was pumping her legs like a race horse. Hell, she made me want to go harder.. I almost died but whatever. I was like dang, I'm feeling this song. I really couldn't remember the words so I asked a friend what it was and started humming it, nigga laughed at me. My son did the same.. I had given up on figuring it out.

 I don't listen to the radio (iPod lover) so hell. Today I was in the nail shop and it came on I stopped my mail tech (who's young) and said HEY!!! What's this song called!?!?! She didn't know :(.. But she told me I can go to the radio station's website to get a recap of the songs they played per hour. Got home and immediately got to work. Well um, the website is clearly out of whack because I YouTube'd the shit out of all the listed songs they played from 3 to 4pm. My home girl called me while it was playing (she didn't know either) so I knew what time it was via call log. I'm crazy but not that crazy. I was about to lose it because the songs on the list and what I was pulling up on You Tube was just not matching. Just as I was about go give up.. again (lol) I ended up checking an hour earlier because I figure they have to have it on rotation... and ha! I found it. I'm giddy as hell.
Such a white girl song, I LOVE it. Calvin Harris is amazing anyway.. I love his mixture of pop and techno. Guess who downloaded it from iTunes and has it on repeat?.. *fists pumps and hip grinds in seat* ..

Making my dreams come true,

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